Anybody listen the VAC Alpha Integrated Amplifier?

i need some advice, anybody listen the vac alpha integrated amplifier? please i need some answers, thanks for your help.-
I heard a prototype, two years ago.

It was so darn musical and enjoyable that while waiting for its release, I bought VAC separates.

If it is within your financial reach, it absolutely is worth checking out.

This amp easily could be one's last amp.

I also should mention that in speaking to Kevin over a year ago, he mentionned that significant improvements were made to the unit since the time that I heard that prototype.

Please keep us posted if you go that route. I cannot say enough about this integrated.
Based on Kevin's body of work, I am sure that this is a very nice integrated. I would be interested to know how it compares with the Vac Phi Beta integrated which originally was more expensive than this new alpha but is now attainable used for less.