Anybody knows Virtual Dynamic cable?

I am doing a little cable shoot-out here andI just learned from another cable company called Virtual Dynamics, which have done a lot of research on the mechanics involved with cable and some people, who have bought the cables, claim it to be a giant killer. Also their power cords seem to be worth a second look. Has anybody more information about this company?
I bought one of their bigest power cable and let me tell you that they sound really good especialy for their price.
Do they have a website?
I picked up there Reference Speaker cables and Reference Power cords and after 3 weeks of break in ...the speaker cables have displaced the Transparents I had.


Mark Levinson 380S
Halcro DM58 Monos
I own Virtual Dynamic cables through out my sysytem, and this has been the biggest upgrade in my system yet. I've own
MIT Oracle, Transparent Ref XL, Acoustic Zen, AP, Harmonic Technologies. These cables compete with the best. Recently
upgraded my pc's to reference, and can't believe how good
these cables are. You owe it to yourself to maximize the
potential of you're system and see what you're missing.
Doesn't virtual mean "almost the same"?

I don't think I would name my cables "almost the same" Dynamic. Damn.......If I'm paying, I want REAL DYNAMICS!
Call Rick at Virtual Dynamics. He is very friendly and knowledgeable about his products... Just got off the phone with him. Will be getting an Audition PC and a Power 3. For the price he's selling them at and the 14 day return policy, you can't go wrong.. I'm thinking of getting some of his IC's.. They have top of the line WBT crimp ends (pricy) but he sells them at a budget price.
Any prices available?
The Basic Power is $29, Power 3 is $50 Power 2 and Power 1 not too sure.. The Audition is below the Reference and I got it for about $199. I saw the Reference on the Gon for around $350. Rick told me he's coming out with a new line above the Signature (better than Reference). It's called the 'Nite'. Apparently these are all special prices...
Hope this helps Viggen. Oh ya, and they ship to your door free.
I checked their website and it lists the basic power for 99, power 3 for 149 and the audition for 399. Are the prices listed by Buck above a special pricing?
Call Rick. The 1-877 number is on the site
To my knowledge the prices I listed above are still in effect.
Buck, I emailed him, and yes those prices are still good. I am ordering an Audition powercord from him.
I did a search on on virtual dynamics. One poster by the name of "Rick Schultz" compared his cable to Wire World's. I don't believe it's actually Rick, but it's kind of funny.
You'll love the Audition. I currently have it hooked up to my Magnum Dynalab Etude Tuner and the improvement is amazing. I'm currently player-less for a couple of weeks because of my CD upgrading but I'm quite happy with my Tuner now because of the PC upgrade. Also, give it a couple of weeks as usual to break in. I think I'm going to try out the Audition IC's too. Will keep you posted.
Decided to go Reference all around. Should be here in about a week or so. Eric