Anybody knows Rega Model 2 Speakers?

I recently got a pair of pretty old Rega speakers. Their backpanel says they are "Model 2". They sound awesome. I love them. But the problem is that their model is obscure. I could'n find any reliable info so far. I asked Rega Research to identify their model, but, to my surprise, their comment was that these didn't seem to be Rega speakers. Damn it! Is there anybody who knows of these old speakers? Incidentally, they made in Canada. Thanks in advance
Here is the deal on your speakers as I recall it. A long while ago (15-20 yrs ago when I was in late teens) I first saw the Rega models one & two loudspeakers. I thought they sounded pretty great back then too and they were quite a bit more affordable than the Energy 22 which was all the rage at that time. An older buddy bought a pair at my urging and enjoyed them also. Appearantly they were built in Canada by the company that was importing Rega turntables at the time (thats all Rega made back then). I don't believe they were ever marketed outside of Canada. That is about all I know about 'em. Good find!
thanks a lot for your valuable information. you provided information that even Rega customer serive guys at GB don't know
FYI-the speakers marketed under the Rega brand name by its Canadian distributor were produced by Camber