Anybody knowledgeable re reconing drivers

Hi All:
I have come across and old pair of Audax 15 (they are no longer available- "out of print" so to speak) inch bass drivers (PR380M2) that need to be reconed. I want to use them in Dick Olsher's speaker. Olsher's speaker

I'd like to bring them back as close to possible to original (Audax doesn't do it and I'm not sending them to France anyway.) Any general advice on getting the work done or recommendations on someone state-side to do it?

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You might try Millersound at
Fax: (215)412-0542
I've had excellent and personalble service from him.
Second Miller Sound they redid the foams on my speakers for $35 and they looked brand spankin' new. Highly recommended and he has extensive knowledge of all the different speaker models.
Millersound is indeed the best.

As Bigkidz says, you will think your drivers are brand new once he is done.

Bill LeGall is THE FINEST person you will EVER meet in audio. EVER!

I too recomend Millersound!

Bill gave my Fried speakers a new life about two years ago and they are still going strong in my second system. They sound as good as when new or close enough so as not to be able to hear the difference! I need to send more speakers that need repair, also.