anybody know what this preamp problem might be?

Recently I added a new source component to my home system --an Esoteric universal player.
It took a bit of dismantling (of the shelving) to get it in (it's a bit big, and about 50 lbs..). Needless to say, I pulled the stereo out and later put it back together...

When I first connected the new player, I left the turntable/phono stage out. This was the arrangement for about three weeks...just digital (you know how it is with a new addition..).

Incidentally, my preamp is a Fi Y ..a line stage with a pair of 6922s. It has three source inputs and a tape loop.
The phono stage is also tubed --a Wright Sound Wpp100C.

When I finally hooked up the turntable, the sound of the Esoteric was noticeably altered. It's almost as if plugging in a second component altered the effectiveness of both channels... The Esoteric was now a bit "crispier" on top (without that long sweet finish on high frequencies), and the bass was thinned out a bit... I thought I was hearing things.. but I've tried unplugging the phono stage, and "re-plugging" it... and it's true: if I leave the phono connected to the preamp, I don't get the full sound from the digital player (and, I presume, vice versa but I haven't checked...).

Has anyone experienced anything like this?? Do you have any thoughts on correcting it??

Thanks !!
Sounds like your new addition's power supply (or possibly a micro processor) is polluting the musical environment.
I try some isolation devices as a first step.