Anybody know how to put together an Oracle Delphi

I just got my tt out of the box someone put it in the box i put the part together but it doesnt hold true with the platter on. Anybody know about these kits on Ebay from the UK You would think the tt been made in Canada that the kit would be from Canada but i only see kits from UK Anybody has a clue about that one Tks in advance
If you go to the internet you will find all kinds of literature on the Oracle. Free manuals are available and rebuilding kits not from e-bay. The springs have different color codes for the proper placement. Every few months someone advertises on Audiogon the kit for $150,I save the information but it expired.
Tks Starting on the quest cant wait to listen to my records. I already set up the amp and pre with help from members here sound great. :-)