Anybody know how to put together a Graham tonearm

Looking to put together an Oracle tt it came with a Graham 1.5t tonearm. I need a little direction here cant wait to listen to records. HELP. :-)
I put the arm together now i have to put the (oil) in it is more like silicon i have a bit in a vial that was provided with the tonearm. Anybody would know how much i have to put in the well? I dont know much about adjustment either i was thinking about putting a crappy record on to try the adjustment i was wondering if it can hurt my cartridge though Help. :-) I am stoked never done anything like that before the shop wanted $500 to put the table together i thought it was a little rich i put it together in an hr
Call Graham if you get stuck, I have a 1.5 that has been upgraded to a 2.2. The instructions aren't too clear, did you get a copy of them? You won't hurt the cartridge by using the wrong amount as long as you have the minimum in the arm. I would never go near a place that charges that much, the local very experienced tech charges $100; I use to do it free when my eyes were better; if I see my instructions I will post, but there are others who know more about the arm than I. Possibly some of them will post.
Hi Stanwal I put it together yesterday. Sound OK I will have a friend over to help me tune it out. I know about the local dealer they are just pompous. I would have spend $200 for them to put it together but when they came back at $500 i pick the boxes up. Tks