Anybody know dates / MSRP of PS Audio from 80/90's

Have an add up for a few pieces of PS gear and the folks at PS "guessed" at gear prices.I was told that the 4.6 pre was late 80's vintage around $1K,Lambda and Digital Link II were early to mid 90's at $1800 and 800 respectively and the Delta 100C was also from this era and clocked in at $1300.Any afficiandos out there verifyu or correct these figures?
Check the manufacturer info section of this site.
4.6 89-91 $660
Lambda w/ST Optical 93 $1995
Lambda Transport 1-Disc 93 $1795
Lambda Two Transport 97 $1995
Digital Link II 91-94 $800
100-C (no Delta designation) 89-90 $1195
PS-100C Class AB 88-89 $1195
PS-100 Delta 91 $1295
Chazzbo, here's the info that i could find out about the aforementioned gear.

The Lambda listed for $1695 in 1993

The Digital Link Mk II was $499 in 1992

The Delta 100 showed $1195 in 1992

The 4.6 was $699 in 1989

All of these prices were taken from Audio magazine's annual buyer's guides of the mentioned year. All list prices were submitted by the manufacturers. I have seen some variances from what was published and what one runs into amongst other sources though, so take that into consideration. Hope this helps... Sean