Anybody know about vintage radios?

My dad recently passed away, and my mother has been giving me some of his things. One of which is a old table top radio. It is an RCA Victor model #5-C-591. The only thing I can find out about it, was that is was made in 1954. It has some interesting features. First it is a tube radio. Has a large clock on the front, along with the am dial. On back in has a plug in, labeled appliance, along with a single rca jack for phono and one labeled tape. And a volume preset, and a dial preset. If anyone knows anything about this model, or knows of a place to find out more that would be great. Thanks Ed
Hello Ed...

The 5-C-591 was made for the 1955 model year. I believe it also has an alarm clock feature. The input was for using a 45 record player. Value in the $50 - $60 range.

Table-Clock, 1955, plastic, lower base with slide rule dial, large upper clock area with round alarm clock face, 4 knobs, broadcast, AC. $50-$65 value assuming not working.

From the "Collectors Guide to Antique Radios, sixth edition, by John Slusser.

Thanks for the info. I am gonna have to check out that guide book. I have several more older radios. This one just seem the most interesting to me. And it does work. Have tried everything but the inputs. Thanks again. Ed