anybody know a true dual mono passive preamp?

I'm looking for a good value true dual mono design passive preamp. I'm using a very cheap Channel Island passive preamp connected to an expenssive Gamut D-200 amplifier and I'm very satisfied with the sound. I compared the Channel Island to McCormack TLC-1 and I prefer the CI. I don't believe on overprice product specialy for a passive preamp.
I know there are very good value passive preamp out there like the Channel Island and the FT Audio LW1. pls. share your experience with us. Thanks to everybody.
I'm sure that A-gon member Tom_Nice would be able to help you out with something like this. I know he's experimented with this area quite a bit and could probably give you a run-down on what to look for and how to best set it up. If he doesn't respond here, try dropping him an email. He's a good guy and would probably be glad to help a fellow "passive enthusiast" : ) Sean
McCormack Micro Line Drive,
McCormack TLC 1,
Placette can be configured to a dual mono if you speak directly to the manufacturer($$$!)
First Sound started by building passive preamps which are amazing even though his active preamps are even better. He will build them on custom orders.
The Silver Rock from Audio Consulting is the best pre-amp made IMHO. It is true dual mono with separate volume controls for each channel. Runs about $3200., though. A cheaper but still good alternative would be the Antique Sound Labs passive. Also dual volume controls, and costs $299. retail.
EVS Ultimate Attenuators? Only available used as they are no longer in production. Stepped resistors instead of pots.
Shunt design with gold point attenuators (~10k)
Caddock resistors in almost all positions, Rodersteins in others.
Nice alluminum box
Cardas wiring
Cardas RCA jacks
One input, one output.
Assembled by Goldpoint (Arn Roatcap)
Arn or myself can send pictures. Very nice. Raw material cost was $500.
I have been using Audio Synthesis Passion for a while with my CARY V12. I am very pleased with the sound. It is ultra transparent and very revealing of associated components preceeding it in the chain. It uses only the finest parts available (Vishay resistors and silver wiring) and the built quality is exceptional. Separate volume controls for left and right channels. For the money, it's untouchable. Look for a used one for about $500-$700. Good luck!
What about the "Morrison" from Canada?
Hello Royy,
If you are not into multiple sources, like tuner, phono, cassette, etc... I suggest the you get a CD player with volume control, and connect it direct to your power amp. I use to have a Mark Levinson Dual Monaural No. 26S which I loved, until I connect my CD PLayers direct. It takes my system to a higher level of musical fidelity.
Reference Line Preemenence 1A. The original company went out of buisness but call Scott Nixon at: 336-884-7394. I think he took over the company.
Bent Audio. Transformer dual-mono passive. Very good.