Anybody know a company called Lectron?Swiss???

Saw and ad for equipment seller said made recommended componenets in Stereophile in '92.Tired a google searck and saw one french retailer but couldn't get a home page.They mad a veryunteresting 2MM/1MC phono stage along with pre's,amps.and a DAC.Are they still around?
I've heard of them and seen one of their tube amps.Real nicely made and very nice sound,uses EL-34 tubes.The owner who have it now would never part with it.
Lectron was a French electronics manufacturer that made a very nice-sounding, low powered integrated amp I heard years ago. Designer was Jean Hiralga, or something like that, very talented. Don't know if they're still around; haven't seen them in the US for a long time. Since I heard them years ago at Audio Connection here in NJ, I'd imagine that Hart Hutchins of Audio Advancements (who then owned the store) may have been the importer.
Saw a set on ebay that had a "buy it now" of $2200 for the intergrated amp that put out 30 wpc but ti was the snazzy MM/MC section that caught my eye.Some guy didn't hit reserve on it.This is in my search for a phono stage that has multiple inputs/values.This one did not have a gain control like the EAR 834 which is another feature I'd like.Nicest one IO have seen so far has been Audio Art's section at $2700 which has multiple external switchable inputs and one fixed out and one variable with front gain.Pricey though.But the build quality of the amp was very nice.Looked like good stuff.Thanks for the tips guys.