Anybody into Ben Harper?

I just picked up Ben's "Will to Live", and am listening the heck out of it. Awesome music, well recorded. My current fav album.

If you'd agree with the above, I'd love to know what else you're listening to...
I've been into Ben Harper for a little over a year, when my Brother in Law introduced me to his music.

Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama has had a simialr effect on me, Cruz123, except that it has turned me onto the Blind Boys ... I am now collecting their music.

Do you have any suggestions for Blind Boys music that has good sonics?

Saw Ben and The I.C's. on two occasions in '99 and again in 2000 in Asheville NC. He's way better in concert than on record. Plays nearly the whole concert seated and plays electric on lap and acoustic the usual way. He's also very into rare and exotic electric guitars.The band is currently touring out and about so do go see them if you can!
Cheers, Lee
Ben Harper makes a great contribution to the wonderful movie "Standing in the Shadows." Worth a look. He gets the Marvin Gaye songs.
If you like home theatre and Ben Harper, rush right out and buy LAIRD on DVD.

Ben Harper's "Faded" is cranked in one of the opening scenes of giant wave surfing.

I have watched this at least 20 times and it is still jaw droppingly amazing.

I think there is at least one other Ben Harper track on this DVD.