anybody into 60s garage comps?

I know these are far from audiophile but who cares...they are fun...have Nuggets, Pebbles, back from the grave, garage beat 66, ugly things, etc...what are your surprise ....nuggets box has superior Sonics
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Well, you made me go to Amazon and look these up. Now I understand this is "Various Artists" compilation of early psycho stuff, 13th Floor Elevators, Electric Prunes, Blues Magoos and such.

I wish I could hear samples, none at Amazon but I'm going to look at other sites.
You may wanna check out the now defunct but still up and posting podcasts,
Not sure if you'd categorize these as garage, but the DIY series put out by Rhino Records a few years ago is superb. I have almost all of the punk ones, which are organized by city: Boston, L.A, New York. Then there are two volumes of U.K. Punk. The period covered by all of these is c. 1975-1979. Then there's a DIY series categorized as "Power Pop" which covers music from the early 1970s to the 1980s. Not sure if this fits the bill, but definitely worth a check out.
Nuggets is great and actually the sound is not bad.
Hey Albert, long time. Forget most of the nugget series, go directly to the pebbles stuff. However, having said that: two sites: Garage Hangover and obviously You Tube; for you tube type in garage bands of the 60s or garage punk of the 60s and you will get a ton of hits mostly low-fi 45s that where ripped; but this is garage band stuff anyway. Go online and get a MP3 converter to convert the audio portion of the youtube video to a MP3 file.

And what are the accoutrements of a garage band: Hammond B3 organ, great set of tom-toms, and by god the lead singer had to be tapping the tambourine!

Albert you are from Texas right? Check out on Garage Hangover all the Texas garage bands: even Stevie Ray and Jimmy were in some garage bands! And Positively 13 O'Clock,a Texas Garage, has an absolute killer version of Psychotic Reaction, puts the original to shame by a Texas mile! ;-)

Actually I have compiled what I think are the absolute Top 50 from the Keggs (proto Velvet Underground) to the ultimate version of Louie Louie by the Sonics in a 2 CD set. I probably have over 1000 songs ripped. I have 15 versions of I CAN GIVE YOU EVERYTHING from the Rainy Days to the Haunted to Them (still the best garage band song!). And for some reason garage bands loved Wilson Pickett's In the Mightnight Hour; I have at least 4 versions that are relatively good. There are a ton of absolutely great groups: the Bucaneers, the Vestells, the Malibus, the Gentlemen, the Shames ( though they sometimes called themselves the Cryin' Shames), the Centurys, etc etc etc I would say that 90% are original songs and I guess because of distribution just did not make it. A real Cryin Shame!Many had one song, though some had 2, maybe 3 songs that I would consider really good.

Two worst band names: the Ugly Ducklings and the Mustard Men, but they have two of my favs. If you remember your
Saturday nights at the Fire Hall, Community Center, or High School you will remember all of this glorious type of music being played by your local band. I am from Delaware, where you could rock to the Collectors, the Mod4, the Sky Band, Mike and Mardels ( a take on the fact that half the members were from DELaware and the other half were from MARyland). Also there was a band called Dennis and Delmars. ;-)

And to end this: Link Wray, guitar god of the 60s; every garage hook can be traced to this guy. Check this guy out.

If anybody wants: send me your address and I will send my 2 CD set; particular if you spread the Garage Gospel!

BTW: none of my songs that I ripped sound like any Beatles song. TG
I liked Electric Prunes' "I had too Much to Dream (Last Night) the most.
Sounds smoking send me your email. Ernie
I just found this Buddah's Dial-A-Hit record. I have only listened to one song before a friend borrowed it. It sounds pretty good. I also have Nugget's and will look into Pebbles.
Thanks for the heads up.
OMG. Get the Back From the Grave Series from Crypt Records.
Go to their website besides the Back From the Grave series
they have probably 30-40 other garage band albums and CDs.
They do both: LP and CDs. Heck, there is even a CD for my
home state of Delaware.

Easily the three best punk garage bands: Shames, Keggs and my new favorite Satan's Chyldren. Satan's Chyldren song
Don't Go, easily is the best garage band song, at least until I find the next one! ;-) It took the local guitar shop guys about an hour to figure the chordal progression. The Keggs would do shows in which the audience would boo them for two hours while playing their songs. This group was to cool for school! These groups were very violent with
their guitars. As a guitar friend of my would say of these groups: "guitars as weapons of mass destruction"