Anybody Heard Tyler Acoustic Woodmeres?

I currently have a pair of Quad 988 speakers with a Thor Audio Monoblock TPA 150 watt tube amp, Thor Audio TA-2000 Preamp. with a VPI Scoutmaster turntable, and a Cary 306/200 as a transport with a Thor Audio Tubed Dac. To help out my bottom end I have the Audio Physics Minos Subwoofer. I am seeking a true full range speaker. I'm looking to go no higher than $15,000.00. I've thought of the Vandersteen 5a, and I recently heard about the Tyler Acoustics Woodmeres that are $12,000.00 factory direct. My room has a 12 foot ceiling and is 20 X 20. Has anybody heard these speakers? If so please comment.
Other than lack of bass extention, what don't you like about the sound of your 988s? I have 989s and LOVE them. They play a little louder overall than the 988s and have another half-octave or so of bass extention and power. IOW, in the bottom 2 octaves, at the same bass frequency the 989s have a bit more energy (and in the bottom octave, significantly more energy) than the 988s. You already own one of the finest-souding--coherent, transparent, relatively uncolored, spacious, etc.) loudspeakers in the world (within their limits). I believe it'll be very difficult to find a coned speaker with lots-better bass power AND the transparency and coherency of the Quads.

I also believe that MANY of us will disagree with me! :-)
Kjl: "The Quad 988 does offer much. But it is missing dynamic contrasts. They also smooth out drums and tambourines . For instance, in a Tchaikovsky piece "Capricio Italien", there are many instances where the tamborines when hit are softened on the top and the attack of the instrument is compromised. I've heard the piece live ad heard it on a pair of B&W's. In short, perhaps, I can find a speaker with the slam of a dynamic speaker and the beauty of a Quad. The Quad is superlative with a single voice, piano and a small chamber group. But it in no way can convince me that there could be 80-90 people on stage. By the way, I also have the Audio Physics Minos Subwoofer and this makes my Quads much more listenable. Without the sub, the soundstage and bottom end just collapses. I was thinking of auditioning the Vandersteen 5A, the Hyperion 938, in short I am looking for something more than I currently have. I hope that I won't have to give up anything to enjoy the music more."
I currently own a pair of Woodmeres. Their strengths are dynamic contrasts, very accurate and deep bass, and a midrange to die for. The sound stage is huge and would work well in your room. They are amazingly uncolored. I have had them for a year and still get excited about listeneing to them. They really make a good recording sound lifelike. Honestly, after a year I almost feel like I am not an audiophile because I can't fault them. If you go that way, get the outboard crossovers, they remove a whole quantum of distortion. They are also easy to place. It took me about one hour to find the spot and I haven't moved them since. I replaced a pair of Wilson WITT II with them. The Woodmeeres make the Wilsons soud dark and restricted. Have fun in your search....
I haven't heard the Tyler's, but the best I ever heard with the most natural sound if you have a good solid state power amp is the Magnepan 20.1 You need to listen to this full range panel before buying a pair of distortion producing cone speaker's. Everything just sounds so life like and full size with the very tightest bass one could ask for. Give them a listen before you make a mistake.
I suggest you look into the Reimer Tetons too, I am waiting for mine to be delivered, my room is 20 X 42, They are rediculously cheap, and wonderfully accurate, musical speakers. If you are in the Chicago area, I would love to demo them for you.
Im just heard the Woodmeres at THE Show in Vegas... They sound very much like my Tyler Linbrook Signature 2 piece System speakers... Very nice overall presentation... Natural sounding tweeter, combined with good bass extension and tremendous midrange acuracy. As was already mentioned, they throw a tremendous soundstage as well. At about 10K on sale, they are extremely tough to beat in their price class... Driver cost alone is impressive, but the sound is the biggest selling point. I definitely recommend them.

By the way, the audition at THE Show was on Jolida electronics... I prefer Tylers with CODA, and the room was far from ideal... but still *very* impressive.

I have the Linbrook Super Towers with 4 of the SEAS Excell 7in. mid-woofers and the Mellenium tweeter, and I have to say they are awsome. Even with just the 7in. woofs they have very tight bass. I can only imagine how great the Woodmeres must sound. I just talked to Ty today about maybe "upgrading" to the Woodmeres. By the way, I have outboard crossovers with my super Towers and I think it is the way to go.
I know I'm late to the game but my Tyler HT system is just breaking in with about 150 hours. I have the Woodmere's and all I can say so far is WOW. I mostly listen to 2 Channel and they are everything I hoped for already - before being fully broken in.

The mid and soundstage are incredibly rich and wide. I just got back from a concert to see Dave Matthews with my daughter and his live music comes across with what seems to be complete consistency on the W'meres. Bass is rock solid, though I need to do some more critical listening to describe them better. Voice is also unbelievably realistic - I've walked downstairs a few times wondering who was speaking.

I had almost gone for the Wilsons which I liked but I have to say the Tylers get better and better and don't cost $16,000 or more. I haven't hooked up my Scout yet, but really look forward to being home alone for a weekend to hear vinyl on these wonderful speakers.

The W'meres need some power though which hasn't been mentioned. I have a Theta D'naught II with 225 watts a side and they get loud but I'd have thought they'd be LOUD.

Lastly, Ty's been a great guy to work with as others have mentioned. I like dealing directly with the designer/builder/shipper and customer service head. Even on vacation, Ty and I were speaking as parts were being shipped.