Anybody heard the Verity Rienzi?

I currently have the Vandersteen Quatros but a new addition to the family forces me to move out of the current listening room to a substantially smaller one (13 X 11'). As such, the search began for a smaller speaker and I had a chance to audition the Rienzis.

I was very impressed by the precise imaging. The midrange was highly detailed and dynamic. The low end, while it doesn't extend to the lowest depths, is tight and well defined. I think that the small room will reinforce the bass well enough that I owon't miss it too much.

So anyway, how many of you have heard the Rienzis and what are your impressions?

I haven't heard the Rienzi, but have heard the Parsifal (not in my room though) and like them! I have Vandersteen 3a Signatures now and the sound is similar. What I really am interested in, though, have you tried the Quatros in the new room? The Rienzi doesn't seem like it would be any better for your size room, and given the Quatros adjustable subwoofer could be a better fit in the lower frequencies which is where small rooms are the worst. I may someday get Quatros and have thought they were a better fit for my slightly larger room (13' x 14'). Your experiences may help with my decision!
Heard it many times (and all other Verity speakers as well.) Excellent speaker, one of the best speakers Verity manufactures.
Verity are fantastic speakers, I would also look into Merlin TSM (for a room that size), though the VSMs might also work well in that space and produce more bass. I would be careful getting a speaker with too much bass for a room that size, unless you are going to do quite a bit of room treatment to control bass boom. You can't go wrong with either brand, both among the finest sound speaker brands I have heard. (I did previously own the 3A Signature/2wqs - I thought the move to the Merlins was a good move in the direction of resolution and dynamics)
I too have listened to them a number of times and I agree with you they have very good imaging, definition and timbre. If you listen to rock as I do try the bass cabinet forward, it is more immediate than rear firing.
In a room that size I don't think you could use them rear-firing (without room treatment to control the bass).
Is it too late to return the kid?