Anybody heard the new Meadowlark Swifts?

Hey guys, I was just reading the info on the MLaudio website about the new Swifts (& Swan center). The HE room with these guys paired with Rogue stuff must have sounded dynamite. I sold my Kestrels but I miss that rich, coherent, dimensional sound. Ummm, tasty. Can't wait to hear the Swifts 'since I should be able to afford them at $995 MSRP. Anybody want to volunteer some listening impressions?
Heard them briefly at the show. I liked them, my friends liked them more. Seemed like a good value. I thought the bass was behind (in time and pitch) the rest of the sound. I know that they are designed to be time aligned, it just didn't sound that way. I'm no engineer but the idea of transmission lines in a time aligned speaker seems problematic.
Thanks for the response, unsound. I'll just have to mosey down to the dealers and check 'em out myself, I guess. The Kestrels were right on time basswise IMHO, so if the Swifts are hurting there maybe I'll wander back to the old product line (and try to ignore the wonderful sound from some expensive Audio Physics that recently blew my mind...)