Anybody heard the new Linn Majik 140 speakers?

Anybody heard the new Linn Majik 140 speakers? I only found a couple of reviews using the whole Linn Majik components. How do they sound with non Linn components in passive mode?
i have been a linn user since the 80s when i bought my first great lp turntable. Linn is probably one of the top ten best manufacturers on the planet when it comes to audio, i know, it is always noted about saying something is the best ten, but they are. They know how to build great detailed amps, pre, especially cd players and some say their speakers are the weak link in their set ups, and they may be , but with linn equipment set up passive and especially set up with sound cards in the mps and multiable amps or single, etc., they can be one of the best system you will ever hear. I know this is long but my point, i continue to own linn product and will , but they are at their best with the sound cards, passive, with other equipment, the? , i don't know , i am not an engineer, but i do know great sounding equipment, so if you buy linn speakers, buy linn equipment. I is that simple, to many great speaker companies out there, aerial, vandersteen, magnapan, wilson, totem, and i can go on. IF you already have amp,pre,etc. then i would look at that equipment and find out the best matches for the equipment, if not then listen to all matched system you can at local dealers. If you don't have a local dealer and are planning on buying off audiogon, which i do both, then i would be glad to make recommendation, since i owned a company in the eighties and continue to buy,sell on audiogon and have a good understanding of equipment companies that match good speakers . I hope this was not too lengthy to a simple question, but i love to run my mouth and do have a vast knowledge of companies....dwhitt
I heard these with Linn gear in Aktiv mode and the improvement over the Linn Ninka is very noticeable. Very nice speakers.
they should be, look at the money, i tell you linn is great, but only aktiv mode, otherwise looks elsewhere, there are alot of great speaker companies out there....