Anybody heard the new Gingko Tubulous speakers?

Guess you m,ust have been at your dealer VERY recently or at CES.But met e guy on A'gon who said he hgeard them at CES and told Vihn Vu "nice sound.Where's the sub" Being told there was none and that deep sound came from tripple 6nd half inch trpple drivers one in back of each other sounded so good he wrote a $950 check geting a $500 break on the $2500 price.Wonder if anybody else has simmariliy been blown away.Reminds me of a speaker back in the day (80's days that is) where Linn made one with a driver backing a driver and called it an isocaric loading scheme.Could be pretty nice sounding but it's all in the ear of the beholder.Saw Fremmer show vibe reduction on a scope (ahhha subjecive instrument in Hifi how novel) with anactive silent running set up.Worked great to ear and scope.But the Gingko Cloud 10 (or was it 11 not much difference) did almost as well.As the VPI site gas said Harry has flipped for the new platforms.Me?I might give it a whirl and see if the mini clouds work on amps and digital.My guess is they should work beter than expensive BDR shelves.But close in price with a cloud but mapple with mini's would save some bucks.Was interested in speakers but iof anybody loves/hates the Coulds put it down.My only problem with the shelves is it does not allow for sperating deck an d it's pucks or pointys to be physically spperated on the Brightstar platforms where motor was given some seperation from deck.But perhaps just a BDR sheet under motor on a Ginko (which at up to $500 ia preety freakin' epensive for molded acrylic and Lacrosse balls.Buit what in this hobby is a giveaway.Guess some items like Vobrapods or sorbothanepucks aren't that bad.So I want to know that not only did I see it on a scope but I HEAR it going in and when removed.
But again anybody hear the speakers?
yeap...i heard them...and indeed, for the price these speakers are amazing...not only they sound like full range, they're pretty cool looking and also customer firendly (meaning that you can rotate the top part, angle them in any way possible to match the room and your taste) thing that impressed me was the bass...these speakers have no right to sound as good as they sound and certainly by looking at them someone won't expect the base you get out of these...they're combining the speed and transparency of electrostats with wider sweet spot and depth of box speakers....give them a won't be disappointed!!!
They are an amazing sounding speaker regardless of price. The look is in the eye of the beholder. I like the look. Vinh Vu
is one of the genuine good guys in high-end. All his prod ucts are top quality and he stands behind them.
Sure they are a bargain. Its isobaric I think. They do look a bit odd for a speaker but you might get a kick out of it. And yes they have more bass than they have a right to but there drivers inside the tubular housing as well don't forget. So that single 6 or so inch driver is not working alone. They even have a crossover I am pretty sure if I am not mistaken. Someone help me out here will ya.
Just reading info and rviewes of Wilson Bensch Dscovery's.Need to hear them.Can get new B&W,Gallo RefIII's,Linn's and others at dealker cost (where I used to wrok).Great speakers like Qaud 988's,Audio Physic Virgo III's or $10K list Infintiy Preludes are $3500 if you look hard enough.Add $1500 more and you could get early version AVANTGARD's!!!!!
So what am I doing other than consfusing/Frustrating myself by reading about an $8K list Wilson Bnenesch Discovery?Because their so fuckin' coolthat's why!!Aluminum frames and carbon which cut size for that level of inertness down to nothing compared with MDF.With integral pole they have mid bass driver and tweeter but also attached to pole is isobaric bass module making tham tall strange shaped monitors that are suppose to sound awesome.But while reading about them copuldn't help but think of the Tubulous Vihn Vu offering where at shows he get's the "so where's the sub?"question all the time.Always wated Linn Isobaric but never got them way back.Now Totems (large)Mani-2 is not isobaric but direct coupled woofers firing in opposite direction so the bookshelf Advent sized box practically to RUMBLES it goes so low.But with stands they are pretty big.So Maybe the Isobaric idea made sense back in the day and Vu's THREE six and half inch drivers make seense because yes they look cool,can be toe'd in without really moving them (a la the old B&W Matrix mid/tweeter head) and cost not $8K like the WB's but a mere $2500!Much more a speaker put against the gallo Ref III's at $3K (without extra a $1K amp for dual coil subs).BTW anybody following the gallo thing I saw ad for used blocks for them to sit on by Brightstar.My guess is Bob Warzalla has allready designed chunk of heavy iron that will blow doors on all comers and if Vu's spekers catch on he'll make bases for them too.Need to hear what you guy are talking about!!!