Anybody heard the new Dynaudio line at CES...

I saw these on a webisite...and the new line features inverted tweeter/mid-bass driver configurations...I am by no means an expert...but in a floorstander...I would think having the tweeter well below ear level...and below 2 drivers...would be less than ideal...aren't companies moving away from this design?...
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Hi, I saw your post about the Dynaudio speakers that use the 2 woofers then the tweeter below the woofers. Here's a pic of the speakers you mentioned.

I didn't hear these speakers, but i'v heard 3 Dynaudio high end speakers at the Stereophile show in 2001 and 2001. I'v heard the Dynaudio Evidence Master speakers. They list for 80,000, Dynaudio Evidence Tempatation speakers, they list for 35,000. Then I heard the C 4 speakers which list for 16,000. Here's a pic of the C 4. Its the 3rd pic from the top.

You see how it has 2 8 inch woofers, 2 6 /2 midbases and the 2 tweeters inbetween the 2 6 1/2 mids. When I listen to speakers, at one point, I'll put my ears to the speakers, to see what drivers the sound comes out of. When I listened to all 3 speakers, 100 percent of the sound came out of the upper dome tweeter. No sound came from the 6 1/2 mids. Now I agree with what you said, if you have a tweeter acting as the mids, highs and bass, you would think it would sound edgy. I got to tell you, these Dynaudio's sounded unbelievable. They were so smooth sounding. They sounded very holographic. They had an amazing soundstage and the bass was great. I actually liked the C 4 speakers, better then the 35,000 Dynaudio Temptation speakers. I felt the Tempations lacked bass extension. The Dynaudio's for 85,000 sounded amazing. Here's whats interesting, at the Stereophile show in 2001. I heard the Silverline Sonata speakers. These speakers look nice. I heard them on this 30,000 dollar Ear solid state mp, Ear preamp, Electrocompaniet CD Player. Here's a pic of them. use 2 8 inch woofers, 2 inch dynaudio dome mid and the tweeter. I played a track with a nice bass response. It sounded terrible. It just sounded so edgy. The bass wasn't good. Then i put my ears to the speakers, guess what, 80 percent of the sound, was coming out of the tweeter. On these speakers, it didn't sound right coming out of the tweeter. He should have crossed it over, where the mids and bass come out of the dome midrange. Now on the Dynaudio speakers at the CES show. I'm 100 percent sure, the woofers above the tweeter act as passive subs and send the bass to the tweeter. So when you listen to them, all the bass mids and highs will come out of the tweeter. It surprised me how great the Dynaudio speakers I heard sounded, because all the sound comes out of the upper tweeter. But they sounded amazing.
Twilo, I think you are mistaken, a tweeter cannot handle any bass (hence it is a tweeter) and all the drivers in the Dynaudios you mentioned are active (not passive radiators). I'm not sure what you heard but what you are saying regarding all the sound coming from one tweeter makes no sense whatsoever.