Anybody heard the new Aerial 7T?

I just noticed this speaker and was wandering if anybody has any info. on this speaker. It could be my next speaker.
Yes. It's faster than the 7b, easier to drive, and a clearer high-end. The few posts I've seen and people I've talked to feel like Michael Kelly is on to something. The 7T is an all new sound for Aerial, and an improvement. I only hope he addresses the rest of the Aerial speaker line now. The almost $10k cost is out of my range for now. :(

- Garrett
I just wanted to bump this thread for any latest reports, especially in comparison to the the good old 10t for Aerial-addicts. Thanks!
Not clear if the finish on the new aerial are lacquer.. there cabinets are made in China.. they glue 9 thin sheets of mdf to form the cabinets.

Sonics specially supposively it has better extension in the high and lows
I still have the 10T's I bought in 2000, and would love to hear a comparison with the nee 7t.