Anybody heard the McCormack UDP-1?

Has anyone heard the new UDP-1 from McCormack? If so, how did it sound?
I just bought one. UNBELIEVABLE!! Best CD sound in a universal transport heard to date, including Krell, and Linn. I auditioned this unit beside an Esoteric DV50, and though the DV50 may have been a tick better, it also sells for $2,000 - 2,500 more. Highly recommended. (It replaced a Levinson #36, with a Sonic Frontiers transport, both former class A Stereophile products.)

Hi Chickdishog,

I've been curious about the UDP as well. I'm in the market
for a new CD player and have been looking at the Wadia
302, Tri-Vista SACD and others. Just wondering what Krell
and Linn players you compared it to? Would love to hear
any experiences you have.

I do not recall the Linn model, but it was a Universal player, selling for $3,500. The UPD-1 was better in my opinion. More delicate in the midrange, better in the low octave(s). I did not compare the performance on SACD, or DVD movies.

Also, I listened to the UPD-1 paired with the McCormack MAP-1. Together, they are fantastic, much better than my Levinson #36/Audio Research LS2B.
Now, Now...let's not be hasty. Your AR/Levinson is not garbage now. If it is, throw it in my trash, and I'll go dumpster-diving.
Thats not fair Hammy, you didnt call "dibs."
Correct you are! That pairing was indeed very good. Sadly, my Krell amps don't care much for ARC preamps. According to a well known designer of high end audio stuff, it is related to the VERY high output voltage that is part of the design of the LS2B.

The bottom line is that it is impossible to know if/how much better the McCormack pair is, given the possible incompatability of the ARC/Krell pairing. For me, it was an easy decision, even if it was "by accident"