anybody heard the martin logan descent subwoofer ?

As previously stated my system consists 0f Thor Audio TPA-160's, monoblock power amps, Thor TA-2000 preamp, and
Quad 988's. I have read some great reviews concerning the Martin Logan Descent Subwoofer. Has anybody heard this sub-
woofer, and particularly with the Quad 988's. I thought since the Martin Logan Sub is meant to work with Martin Logan Electrostatics that it might work well with the Quad

There is a site operated and created by ML owners now on-line. The URL is www/
I am a member(System #6 but will update because of upgrades)and can assure you that there are several members who have the Descent and Depth SW in their system.
Others use RELs and ACI Titans LE. The Titans, which I believe is the best price/performance ratio, cost less but performs so fast and can be easily integrated with ML hybrids. List price is $1150 and the construction, appearance, and sound is second to none. Also, it uses 12" drivers. Hope this helps inform,not to convince....
Have heard it(in a couple of senarios (seemed set up well enough), wasn't overly impressed with it. (lots of good subs out there that will do the same or better in all respects potentially).
You could save your money and buy a Pardigm Servo 15 that's as good or better for less! The money you save you can get a good parmetric EQ and some professional "system-set up" instruction!!!..then you'd be way ahead of the game!
Others excellent price conscious subs (if it's an issue for you) for your music applications, that are tight, accurate, and dynamic for larger spaces, are the MX series M&K subs!
I just hate to see someone spend several grand on a bass woofer that's not going to likely do any better than lots others for less, especially when you consider that the set up, calibration, and placement of the woofer are 2/3's the performance of the sub easy!
good luck