Anybody heard the Lessloss DAC?

This thing looks to be right up my alley. I currently have the Altmann Attraction and Love the sound. However, it is not talking perfectly with my TacT preamp. TacT currently has the preamp and DAC, they still can't figure out what's going on.

So, I might have to replace the Altmann. Ugh. It is a superb unit, keeping the natural, organic sound and harmonics of NOS DACs and adding further extension at both ends.

The Lessloss is a little more expensive but looks like it uses some of the design elements I gravitate toward in DACs - battery power, Non OverSampling architecture. It also handles a 192 khz sample rate signal which the TacT processes natively and is 24 bits which the TacT also operates at.

Anybody heard these buggers? Comparisons and sonic signature? I still would perfer to keep the Altmann but it is looking like that won't be possible.

Thanks in advance,

i have own a attraction dac for 2 weeks then sold it for the W.A.F... not for the sound , an ugly piece of wood and you add a big battery car in the room , that's too much for my wife.. i was searching another battery dac and bought
the lessloss DAC and it's a very different unit , you have the strengths of the alltman ( smouth, detailled, dynamics,) but with extended highs, better control and deeper bass , and ...... beautifull finish .....
just in term of sounding i will give a 16 for the attraction dac and a 18 for the lessloss.. i have mine to sell on audiogon with all my gear ( supratek preamp, CELLO active speaker, cable etc ..) because i'm going in an other direction in my life for the moment .. anyway you can buy new one at lessloss , they are very friendly ...

I heard the lessloss dac with a system running Atama-sphere amplifiers and preamp, And Rega modified transport to play into it with all lines of Zu speakers at a demonstration in 2005.. They also had the Reimyo 15,000 dollar hyped up piece at the time.. My opinion, the lessloss Killed it for the price being like a 3rd the cost, the reimyo was good and balanced, but the lessloss had more texture or feel to it I think..

Also this setup was run thru the Nuforce amps for a little while, and the audio group putting on the demo got quickly tired of those and went back to the tube amps. So for the money and with the transport I heard it with, yes it is real good considering the direct comparison to a way overpriced piece of digital gear like the reimyo boat anchor.
Is it better than what you have?

Honestly I have no idea, as at the time I owned a Wadia player which I felt was also as good if not better than the reimyo for the money, but I have since gone to a DAC at a quarter the Price of the Lessloss and like it more than all of them, but the lessloss would probably be just as good, but costs more is my only issue. Again its a foreign company, I have no idea how customer service or how easy it would be to deal with lessloss.
Well, I've got one coming my way.

More to be revealed . . .
"but I have since gone to a DAC at a quarter the Price of the Lessloss and like it more than all of them,"


You big tease! Come on, tell us what it is!
Lite DAC modified...16 bit NOS, yep no jitter issues for me, why Don't know? Its called the Dac Ah-Ha, its a few Steps beyond the Audio mirror that everyone raves about, but is the same base architecture of the audio mirror... Biggest reason it totally sounds analog, and has rock bottom bass with tube like mids.. Also for the price it is simply stupid when you hear some of the bigger costlier contenders, I really mean that, cause I was caught up in the whole, get a Dac from Levinson, Wadia, Etc... I have gone the route of the 24 bit, the SACD, The DVD-A for about 2 years.. And found a very Strong return to an Analog Table, and 16 bit NOS with all the quality parts loaded into it.. Music in the Ipod world only goes so far. Its very different when you can listen to your CD's even the ones you wish you could love the recording but know its not an impressive demo piece for when the friends come over.. Well this DAC has eliminated that problem :)
Miklor, any luck with this piece? Interested in your impressions.
I own the Dac and will not give it up! i am presently using the Tact Boz system. Only tried it because my listening room is small and wanted to try an all digital sound. I used the dac with the Modright 9.0, Hephaestus digital amps,and the CEC transport. Very natural sounding. I heard CD's I've had for 15yrs. for the first time. Lessloss gives you harmonic signitures like a GREAT phono stage. Purchase one. You will not be disappointed, only twisted by it's presentation. I'm keeping the Boz system and the Dac as well. (for future use) everything else is gone