Anybody heard the Jadis DA 88 Signature?

I have used the JOR with spectacular results, read impressions of the DA 80 but wonder if anyone has yet heard the DA 88 Signature?
I saw an almost dissapointing review on HIFINews and there is another one on HIFI+.
It must be interesting machine depends on your speakers.
I auditioned it for about...two hours. I couldn't get off the couch and the dealer sat with me most of the time. It was amazing. There was a Naim CDX2 front end with Apertura speakers and I couldn't believe how good it sounded. Everything from electronic music (Massive Attack, Maxwell Implosion, Bargrooves) to vocal (Diana Krall, Fairfield Four, Rickie Lee Jones) to acoustic (Nick Drake, Badly Drawn Boy) sounded unbelievable. It was clearly one of the best systems I have ever heard - better than mine even and I don't come across that very often at a dealer.

It is warm and rich but has all the detail. It's a combination that left me speechless and I have never heard a system that could tread the fine line between space and dynamics.

I also compared the DA50S in the same system and it was just about as good but a little less body and density to the image. Definately the same style of sound though. They had a JOR there too but it was playing Dynaudio Focus 140 speakers and Symphonia cdp. Its sound was like the 88s but again, not as meaty - although the system was different so I won't compare them any further. I left there with a distinct desire to buy something from Jadis and hope that one day I can get out of school and buy myself an 88S.

The Hifi+ review is highly favorable but I haven't read the hifi news review although I don't value their opinion nearly as much.
Arthur, thank you for sharing your perspective with us! I'm jealous that I was not with you, or have ever heard the DA88S.

Your description of it, and comparison with the DA50S, mirrors what I have been hearing with my DA30 and DA60. I'm hoping that based on people with demanding tastes once again being exposed to Jadis the brand will enjoy a resurgence in North America. I very much like the way the DA88S has been designed. My only question is, is it able to accept the EL34 type tube as is the DA60? If not, I'm wondering if the older product is not the better play for folks who like what that tube can provide?

As you so correctly stated, you simply sit down and listen, and never want to get off the couch. "Warm and rich, but with all the detail...", yes very true - there is some sort of magical formula they have that you find so infrequently in this hobby. I'm really happy with the sound I'm getting out of mine. Can't say enough about it, apart from the DA60 has established itself being a lifetime purchase for me, and that is truly rare in audio.
Thanks for the responses. I guess it should sound great at the price! Must be the most expensive non SET int amp per power watt, extant! (or close). Which issue of HiFi+?
Joe, I am told it only uses KT 88 tubes - designed for them only. I was hoping, Arthur that you weren't that impressed, so I wouldn't covet it:) It's beyond my budget, but I was intrigued by its look and the fact that Jadis label it their best int amp, and the JOR sounds pretty good as an almost starter in their line-up. It's true, Joe, that the EL 34 in the JOR is pretty magical and I would love to compare the midrange of the ST 88 with the JOR with EL 34s.
Arthur, please let me know where you auditioned it, even if by private e-mail, if you prefer. So thanks for the feedback, all, especially Arthur.

Have you tried 6550/KT88s and KT90's in the DA-60 ?
Can the DA-60 use EL-34 tubes ? It is not sold with EL-34s as a standard tube...
How much is the power difference between the above mentioned tubes in the DA-60 ?
Did you ever try KT-90s in the Orch Reference ,to compare with the EL-34s ?
How does the DA-60 and the Orchestra Reference compare ?

The DA-88 Signature is surely a beautiful amplifier... :-)


Hi, Chris!

Yes, the Orchestra Reference came with Ei KT90s. Though it was the best amplifier I encountered on my budget when I was shopping around, over time, I guess I grew bored with it. The sound was good, but there was a coldness in the midrange that kept me from remaining involved with the amp emotionally over time. Later, I tried AtmaSphere, Blue Circle, and Granite separates, and they were all fine - the Atmas and Granites being my favorites.

As the JOR was collecting dust, and Denis expressed interest, we agreed upon a deal to sell it to him. In discussing his sonic priorities, it seemed that the EL34 tubes were what we should try. We went with JJ Blue Glass E34L. Wow! What an improvement. The amp went from being very good sounding to absolutely beautiful sounding. The reduction in power required two clicks up on the volume control to produce the same loudness (actually, that's pretty much insignigificant), and the bass response was nowhere near as good. But, oh that midrange, incredible! Don't think I have yet heard better. Also, I must note, the imaging was also perhaps the best I have encountered - shocking, but superior to the Atma and Granite monos.

For fun, I also tried my JJ KT88 in it for a few songs. The bass and dynamics leapt forward greatly, and the midrange still seemed beautiful, though I didn't spend enough time with it to be sure how it compared to the EL34 tubes.

Yes, the DA60 can use EL34 tubes, as well as 6CA7, KT77, 6550, KT88, and KT90. I got it with Sovtek 6550, and while the amplifier sounded good with them, last Saturday I installed JJ Blue Glass KT88, and the performance improvement I have gotten is no less than stunning. The Sovteks just were inferior to the JJs in any area you wish to compare them. Along with trying some Sylvania 5751 after that, I'm amazed at how beautiful the amp sounds. The power, slam, and bass are more than I had hoped for. The midrange is also great, but as of yet, I have not fallen in love with it the way I did with the JOR running EL34. I'm not even sure it was as beautiful as I remember it as - you know how memories can sometimes grow stronger over time.

So, that being said, I am awaiting an octet of the newly released JJ KT77 tube, which is a premium EL34 variant. Part of me wonders why I just didn't go with the Blue Glass E34L, but I'd like to try these. At any rate, my dealer is going to let me know as soon as the KT77 arrive, and along the way, if I change my mind and want to go with the E34L, he'll have them on the shelf when I get there.

I'm not really sure that the DA60 can get much better, and I am not sure if I could live without the slam the KT88s are providing, but I guess once you experience that "to die for" midrange, you almost are willing to. So, I am chasing it via these JJ KT77. I'm also interested to see how much of a downgrade in power and bass the EL34 type tube gives in the DA60, though with those massive transformers and 8 output tubes, I can say that right now, I have plenty of power to give up.

Once they come in, and they are burned in for 100 hours or so, a bunch of us are getting together to have a tube shootout between the JJ Blue Glass KT88, JJ KT77, and a friend's 1960s Mullard EL34 XF1. Any Audiogoners who are interested are certainly welcome to come over.
It was Hifi+ issue 39 (May 2005). I auditioned them at "Amplhifi" in Montpellier France. Awesome store with all kinds of gear all over the place and a very friendly and knowledgable owner.
I just changed my Gryphon pre/amp combo for a JadisDA50 Signature - which I had some years back (actually this is the same unit) and spunding really great with my Sonus Faber Guarneri (I had it with Avantgarde UNOs in the past also with great results)

I should expcet that the 88 sound would be a tad fuller and with more authority in the bass, but maybe sacrifying some transparency due to a larger numer of output tubes (I have always liked just to per side).

I also heard the JA50 mono amps and sounded even better than de DA50S, fuller bass, better resolution and very musical.