Anybody heard the Expressimo Turntable?

I am seeking to upgrade my turntable which is currently a VPI Scoutmaster. I am pleased but am looking to
achieve a greater level of resolution and a quiter background. Also I am seeking the ability to change arms if desired.My price range is $5000.00 for table and arm.
I appreciate comments regarding the following tables:

1. Expressimo turntables
2. Teres turntables

I spoke with Sal the owner of Expressimo who bulds tables
from Granite for approximately $2800.00(check out his website) and also will modify the Rega RB 300 arm. The arm is approximately $650.00 additional. He uses the Teres motor with a strobe and he advises the Teres motor has a
speed controller built in so it is not necessary to use
a VPI or Walker SDS controller. I am considering the wood platter of the 265 or 340 Teres series or the Expressimo
table. Sal claims that he offers a delrin platter that he feels is quieter than the wood. He did say that Teres builds a super product and Sal spent 1/2 hour answering my questions. He is a true gentleman. I would consider his table, but before I do I wanted to know if anybody has had any experience with them.
I urge you to consider a Scheu Premier II table. I just paid 2500 for the table, optional 80mm platter, optional dual arm plinth (9" and 12" arms), Scheu Classic 12" tonearm, custom 1.75m silver phono wire (seamless from cartridge clips), and shipping from Deutscheland to Oakland, California. And they threw in the optional record clamp with level bubble in the center for no add'l charge.

Scheu can also supply Morch and Schroder arms. If you have a 5000 budget I'd order a Scheu Premier w/80mm platter and the Scheu Reference, or DPS, arm...whichever is available. They are often backordered is my understanding. It is simply one of the best; I have no direct experience with the Schroder but when I can allocate the funds the Scheu arm will have a Schroder in the other arm hole.

I would further suggest that at this level of turntable products the differences in sonics are minimal. If the table is isolated on a correct stand and all else is calibrated correctly and the cartridge is matched well with the tonearm they all sound damned good; ie, VPI TNT HRX, Teres, Scheu, Expressimo, SME. I tried to justify the additional 1200 bucks that the Teres 255 (w/arm) would cost me over the Scheu. I ordered the Scheu.

Main advantage to a Teres is you will get lots of "good job" and, more usefully, technical support from the Teres fanatics, 'er fans, on this site. It is also US made and has a warranty that cannot be beat. Scheu will also work with you on the table. You can probably get a money back deal (you would pay return shipping, though) if you push them on that. They are very eager to expand their US sales and the prices seem pretty open to negotiation. They made me such a good deal I did not even dick around with an offer.