Anybody heard the DeVore Videlity Gibbon Super 8?

As usual, no dealer near me but wondering about this speakers sound quality. Thanks!
I only heard it in Las Vegas at, I believe, T.H.E. SHOW (show held next door to the CES tradeshow. But, even with that limited exposure, under typically less than ideal show conditions, I was quite impressed with this speaker. I personally find too many speakers to be lifeless and constipated -- lacking realistic microdynamic qualities. Many of those that try to overcome this quality have an unnaturally prominent midrange that I also don't like. The Gibbon Super 8 managed to avoid excessive midrange coloration while delivering some (not all) of the kind of liveliness and presence one associates with horn driven systems.

Given its reasonable price, I think it is a promising speaker.
I heard them at one of the Las Vegas shows last year. The thing that really stood out in my mind was the speakers' extension at the extremes of the audio spectrum. It reminded me a bit of some of the very best car audio systems I've heard - not the typical teenage thump machines cruising the beaches, but systems that were set up to sound both exciting and musical at the same time. They stood out as being memorable in my mind. I definitely admired them for fearlessly going into the frewuency extremes that many other high end speakers seem to avoid, but somehow, the sound was not quite what I would chose for myself.
don't buy any speaker without an audition
I would never buy a speaker without listening to it. However, I've read several articles on this speaker but have had no opportunity to hear it. There are very few dealers for this line. I'm interested in hearing Audiogoners impressions of the speaker. If there are enough positive reports, I may make an effort to hear them. One of the beautiful things about Audiogon!
serious dealers or manufacturers will arrange a trial period. if you are not satisfied, you are only out shipping. also scrutinize the lines carried in your community or surrounding towns. i travel the u.s., and attend the trade shows. the super gibbon 8 is a very nice speaker, but it is not more neutral (and more natural) sounding (in its price range) than totem, maggie, castle, harbeth, pmc, shahinian, gradient, quad, aerial, and vandersteen. the comparison to 'good car stereo' sound sells it way short, but it is a bit forward in the mids and upper bass. the build is outstanding, but so is the build of many above. good luck.