Anybody Heard the CODA 15.0 Amplifier?

I have read the Ultra-Audio review, but I was looking for some independent listening impressions. Please list associated gear that you have heard in conjunction with the 15.0 and any comments that you have. Any comparative information regarding the 15.0 vs other amps heard in the systems would be great too.
Giving it another try.....
Have not heard the 15 but I'm enjoying the sound of two CS amps and a CSX amp in my quad amped Legacy Helix system. These amps have beaten the pants off Levinson 436s, Parasound JC1s, and Krell MDA 500s, 300s, and KSA 250s. If I could afford 3 15s I'd try them as they are full class A. Really after all my trials (I've owned all these amps) I have concluded that CODA makes some of the very best amps and preamps in the world. The CP preamp easily competes with and outperforms the likes of the Levinson 32, the Gryphon Sonata Allegro, the Pass Labs XP 20, and the ARC Ref 3. It only costs $3500.00 too. Yep I've lived with all of these preamps too. Call Doug Dale at CODA and ask him for amp recommendations. He is great to talk to. If I needed only one amp I'd be listening to the #15.
Hi, I don't own the 15 but I'm listening to the CSX now. The amp is very very good. The sound of bass in Praticia Barber's Distortion of love album is simply amazing. Its sound is close to the real thing, really!
I am running the 15.0 with the CP and a pair of Whisper XDs.
The 15 is one of the best SS amps I have ever heard.
At a 100 watts of Class A I rarely listen to it over 80% and
more often than not 65-72%
Thanks, Tobb. Yes, I bought a CODA Model 15.0 in March. It lacks nothing in my system. I could not ask for better.