Anybody heard the Audioengine P4?

Was wondering if anyone has auditioned the new passive speaker from the guys at Audioengine.
i heard em at decibel audio in chicago in optimal listening conditions--classe amp, big $$$ cdp. they have a nice midrange and make a pretty impressive racket for such little boxes, but, as expected, didn't have much in the way of low end and weren't competitive with the pricier monitors (usher, kef) they had on the floor. they might be good as nearifeld monitors in a very small space, but for the same price i'd opt for polk, mordaunt short, energy rc et al. audioengine has a great niche with its powered speakers--i just don't see these p4s as having much impact.
I have them as front speakers in a 5.1 HT set up. They are outstanding speakers for HT IMO. The P4s definitely are little too small for 2-channel monitors but I believe they are outstanding for on-wall HT 5.1/7.1 system. The P4s' overall performance surpassed my Triangle Galaxy on-wall satellites by miles...