Anybody heard Ry Cooder's new one yet?

Good thing I look at occasionally or I might have missed this. anybody hear it yet?
Chavez Ravine - Release Date 6/14/05

I've listened to samples on Amazon. This is authentic LA/Mexican from the 50/60's. Very good, but not for all. Another in this vein in "Heard it on the X" from Los Super 7.
Not heard it but just scored a copy of 'Showtime' on vinyl.
As a long time fan I find it hard to believe I have never heard this.
The wife is well p--d off with it but I can't stop playing it. IT's fabulous & the mans slide playing is beyond belief!
Do have Van Morrison's new one and it's a Cracker!
I heard a single track and wasn't duly impressed-not sure if it is indicative of the album but a very lightweight track almost like a poppier Buena Vista track.