Anybody heard of this company?

They have some beautiful platforms and racks.Well,at least the photos are nice,but the actual product may or may not be.I was wondering if anyone has done business with them.
Looks like very interesting products made in the USA at reasonable prices. Because the products are made by an experienced furniture maker that happens to be an audiophile for 35 years, I'd bet the products are well made. I've never tried any of the products so I can't give you an idea of improvement in sound. Thanks for the heads up to the website. 
@jtcf  Thanks for sharing.
I decided to shop where I felt more secure/comfortable.I did send the other site an email asking a question to get a conversation going,but no response yet.Anyway,there is a huge number of vendors on Esty that handcraft butcher block boards.I ended up with a 18 x 12  2" thick end grain walnut board for $200.Here's a link for whomever is interested.
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I have a couple of Butcher Blocks and a couple of Boos Blocks (cutting boards).  I haven't A/B tested them for sound quality, but they both seem to do a fine job of keeping my amps and turntable off the floor and the glass rack I have in my computer room.
I have purchased from Audio Vibration control.  I purchased a large platform for the VPI Prime I had at the time.  The quality was first rate, much much better than Timbernation.  I had the Applewood and cork platform which was encased in bamboo.  It was gorgeous to look at and tamed the vibrations without sucking the life out of the music.  I sold the Prime and thus do not use the platform any longer.  I am thinking of selling it to a good home.  Any takers?
Very nice work. My brother bought this machined platform with sorbothane feet for his VPI Classic. Like me, his home also has the original wood floors, he said it give his sound "more detail" It's made in Minnesota,
I have tried so many different platforms and footers of all different types of materials. I stopped my search when installing Townshend Podiums under my speakers HUGE improvement. Then i placed all my electronics including my conditioner on Townshend Seismic Platforms/Pods. Maybe costly but you can get great deals on ebay and they are the best i have ever experienced for natural realistic sound without any life sucked out or hard edges. My system improved in a way i have never experienced before with speaker or equipment change except maybe when i first heard a pair of Apogee's (Duett Sigs) the imaging was sensational. Without the Podiums i nearly had to sell my big Soundlabs as they didnt work in my room. Someone suggested contacting Max Townshend and i have never looked back. I highly recommend Podiums to everyone, they are a true game changer when it comes to Isolation. Sorry no i have never heard of that company.