Anybody heard of CEC I think of Austilia?

Was looking for som more infop on Wilson Benesch speakers (losy arty phots on their main site) but while going though about 20 page so an Aussie hop which had WB's plus CEC and what I believe was description of ad for 100 watt class A for $1700(!!!).Also seem to have CD players,phono stages etc.Anybody in the know?
Also read nothing but great reviews of Wilson Bensch with metal frames and carbon but in reading about ARC was distessed to see it required volume to open up.For me a real world acid sts for the apt or condo dweller is ability to preserve dynamics (like a pair of Audio Physic Sparks I got for a freind and enjoyed for a month.Seller said he chose over deeper bigger stage Tempo's because the Tempo's could't preserve dynamics uless cranked up.ASgain the acid tets for people who don't have their wone house.So any body commment on WB's,low volume speakers that preserve dynamics, and this CEC company/Something for everybody I guess in this query.
There are three CEC products for sale in the classifieds on Agon now.
CEC is a Japanese company. I think the most recent issue of UHF (great Canadian hifi magazine) tested the CEC integrated amp, with positive results. The class A is only the first 25 watts or so, I think. CEC is also the maker of the belt-drive CD players and transports that alot of reviewers use. The TL-1 and TL-51 transports come to mind. They seem to make some pretty good products. Hope this helps.

CEC is famous for their belt drive cd transports and I'm pretty sure their from Japan, but I could be wrong. Supposed to be great gear, very liquid and analog sounding.
C.E.C. is a Japanese company. Their belt-drive CD transports are the only products I have heard. They are quite good.

There was a thread about C.E.C. about a month ago here. If you follow the link to Mutine, you can find a list of products offered. The AMP-5300 is reportedly a pure Class-A single-ended integrated amp (100W x 2 @ 8ohms).