Anybody heard new Jolida glass phono box

Has a can't lose price of $450 but wondering if it touches the better gear like EAR 834.Just heard from a person who answered another thread saying that he has both the EAR and the nice looking PS Audio box which just came out as well and looks like a winner at $1K.Has mono switch,phase switchas well as ability to change loads etc in back of unit.Report I got that they were so close in sound quality it was a toss up.Yeah the EAR would allow for some circut upgrade and tube rolling but really like idea of mono and phase.I just wish I could find out how difficult it is to change cap and load.Know that a Krell KPE has a lot of setings so while more expensive it's a plus but you have to pop the top.Though I have heard it might be more noisy than the KPE the old KPA allowed for all of this to be done on front of unit.Let one slip through my fingers a year ago for a $1K but maybe spending $1350 as last one up was offered for it does not I believe have the phase control that the PS has.If my Grado,Shelter,and Sumiko (Carts's up to $1K -a $500 Sonata mono and $850 Shelter MC or Sumikop at same porice fit the MC load oif PS might be one for me.What of course I am saying is I would like the KPA to be a tube hybrid and leave the phase control on the phono box whereas Krell has it on their pre-amps.Anyone give a vote?Jolida is cheap and has glass but maybe not the sound,PS the features KPA all the cary settings easily flipped (Jolida might as it has DIPS mounted on back but haven't read reveiw so not sure how difficult it is to change "on the fly",and lastly EAR has glass,accepts two loads ( and as many carts like PS as I canm put on my VPI arm tube) and can be upgraded easily.Oohh the madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have both a KPE Ref and the Jolida for a second system and I can honestly say the Jolida lacks nothing as far as detial, extension, freedom from noise, and overall qualtiy of sound. This is a giant killer, no question about it. Plus the flexibility it has as far as loading is concerned should provide enough choices for almost all carts.
I'm also looking at the Jolida. Underwood Hifi also has 3 levels of mods for the Jolida which would take it up even higher. I wonder if anyone has heard the Jolida with mods?
I highly recommend before doing any mods on an already excellent unit, to just swap out the tubes for better ones. My preference after much experimentation are the Tung-Sol 12AX7s. Break in the phono pre and live with that for awhile before jumping to any surgery. Like I said, the Jolida ain't broke, and it confounds me that some folks simply leap at the chance to "fix" it. Though I have yet to hear any of these so called mods, I find it hard to belive that there is incrementally justified value by sonic improvement. A better spec'd cap or resistor job does NOT necessarily translate to improved sound.