Anybody heard Martin Logan Summits?

My system consists of Quad 988's, Thor Audio(tubed) TPA-150's, Thor Line Stage, Thor Phono Stage, Thor Dac, with Cary 306/200 as a transport, Audio Physics Minos Subwoofer,
with a VPI Scoutmaster turntable and a Clear Audio Discovery cartridge. My room is 20X 20 with 12 foot ceilings and my room has been heavily treated by Echo Busters. The probelm lies within my Quad 988's. They have
some wonderful qualities, but have limited dynamics and poor bass response. Without the sub, the sound is poor. I am seeking a true full range speaker that is detailed, moves a lot of air and will make me feel that I don't want to look anymore. My budget per pair maxes out at $15,000.00. I would prefer to spend less. I recently heard some speakers at the show and was not impressed. I am in the New York area and in fact today I am going to hear the Reimer Grand Tetons in Patchogue, New York. I will advise arfter I listen. They sell for about $6000.00 per pair. This has been a difficult journey as I realize that all speakers are a compromise. I also feel that I want an efficient speaker. This leaves out, Sound Lab, Avalon Eidelon.(used comes in at my max)I have spent so much on electronics and feel that the Thor tubed gear is so good that I won't consider changing amps to a 300 per channel solid state variety. Any thoughts would be helpful.
I heard the Summits at CES. They're amazing, and if I could afford a pair (they said $10k) I'd probably give up my CLSIIz/Depth combo (which is also amazing) because the Summits are smaller and would definitely NOT require a subwoofer! I think they do everything a Soundlab does (meaning full range) in a much smaller package, and the bass may be even better.

I'm sure your Thor amps would drive them (the woofer sections have their own built-in amps) as long as they can handle the low impedance at the highest frequencies. But if they're (the Thors) are doing OK with your Quads, they should be fine.

You can read all about them at:

What about VMPS of both worlds, great look and BASS! I am working on a pair currently...have a look the are pretty stunning!
What about the Quad 989. Or is that still not dynamic enough.

Try to listen to the Living Voice Avatar OBX-R2 ($8000). Great with tubes.

Good Luck!
Good luck, you are on the quest we all have.

I've got a pair of VMPS RM40's, a pair of Martin Logan Quests, and a Magnepan MMG/NHT1259 combo that continues to knock my socks off. Well, at least some of the time when I'm not bitching about the Magnepan sibilance, anyway. But I'm an audiophile, and I'm happy about bitching, especially when the system performs as well as the Magnepan/NHT one does.

The RM40's are new, and are very placement critical. I'm giving them some time. My wife and I have decided that if tney still suck in five years, I'll get rid of them. But they have some amazing abilities--it is rather odd that they don't just sound great when you plunk them down in place. For that, you may also consider the Legacy Focus. Slightly more expensive, has higher resale. I just don't make enough money or will live long enough to tell you which speaker is best, especially when the room gets involved.

Haven't heard the Summits, I love the way they look. The Martin Logan Quests have some faults--but they are still around (almost 15 years old!!) because they look great and often sound great. Looks matter in my living room. However, the "too big" NHT 1259's in their gigantic (6 cubic feet, 200 pound each) enclosures may have to go. They are just too fucking big. Damn laws of physics!
Enjoy finding your favorite speakers!
Take a look at Selah Audio Incredarray ($10,000), a line array with some of the best commercial drivers, plus high efficiency and flat impedance for your Thors and the big room. Small companies like Selah give you a lot of bang for your buck. Ask all the questions you want over at Selah's Audio Circle Forum and even get invited for a home audition! Rick Craig is very knowledgeable and a nice guy. If for some reason you don't want speakers that big, Rick's brand new RC4s are probably as good as any brand speaker under $20,000.
The topic of the thread is:

"Anybody heard Martin Logan Summits?"

I assume the poster of this thread is interested in responses to his/her question. I know I am.

Descriptions and comments about member systems can be posted in the "Virtual Systems" section.

Vladimir -- have you heard the Martin Logan Summits? (That is the topic of this thread) What did you think of them when your heard them?
Hey Nsgarch,
The last line of the post said "Any thoughts would be helpful" did you not read that far? I also think it should be Kjl's place to re-direct this threads path if HE feels it is not helpful, and everyone is trying to help.
Magnaquest mentioned Legacy Focus 20/20 I have spent hours listening to them and they are worth a look. As for Martin Logan Summits, I wasnt blown away when I heard them but it could be the demo room at the dealer. Thet were also only powered by Rotel amps.
Chadnliz -- you heard the Summits and have an opinion, and so I feel it was worth my time to read your post. "Any thoughts would be helpful" I presume means with regard to the topic of the thread, and not just any ol' thoughts.

We all take time to read the posts under a topic that interests us, not just the person who started the thread. And I think it's a well established "rule of the road" to stay on topic.

But now I'm guilty of going off topic, so I'll stop........

I was wrong to jump on Nsgarch, I think my problem is I am disabled and have WAY too much time on my hands lol!
Chadnliz no need to apologize.

The poster said "Anybody heard Martin Logan Summits? which is his main question and his second question is seeking reccomendations of a full range speaker costing no more than $15000. Am I correct Kjl?

BTW I did not hear the ML Summits but would like to one day.
I just came from a cocktail party last night hosted by Martin Logan's signature dealer here in So. Cal. (I ordered all my hi fi equipment, including the Summit from this dealer). The ML people were there including the founder, Gail Martin Sanders. They showed the Summit. Prior to this, I listened to the Summit from this same dealer when it first arrived 3 weeks ago. I was totally disappointed as I found the bass to be boomy. The Odesseys sounded better. I was so concerned as I thought I made a stupid mistake of buying a speaker without the benefit of auditioning them. So I went to the party to bring up all my issues with the Summits to the ML people.

When I got there I was in awe. The Summits were so accurate and dynamic as if you were listening to a huge set of full range speakers. It truly lived up the the ML reputation and in my opinion surpassed the models it replaced. What a big relief specially after hearing Gail Martin Sanders explain how the Summits were made the parts that were used to make them.

These speakers are unique in a way because you can adjust the deep bass according to your taste and the sound of the room you're in. You cannot do this with most other speakers.

When you audition one in the future and the Summits do not seem to sound as good as you think, most likely the dealer did not set it properly.

I'm sure glad I ordered them before they came out as mine arrived at my dealer last friday and will be set up this week. I can't wait already.

Happy listening.

I was at the same cocktail party as Rudy. I would have to agree. The summits were very impressive both in HT and two channel. Set up is clearly an issue, but this has always been the case. The summits provide better off axis sound that and models they replaced, but there is still very clearly a sweet spot. Solution, make sure you get the the listening couch first!!!!
As someone who has owned Sequels, Aerius I's, ReQuests, Odysseys and Prodigys, I too would be interested to hear more "impressions" of the new Summits.

Kjl -- you might also want to add the Genesis 6.1 to your short list, as they too have built in adjustable powered subwoofers (so should also be easy to drive), are dipoles, and have had a couple pretty strong reviews out there recently -- also in the $10k price range...
Denf - Sounds like you are the guy to be writing the review of the summits given your past with ML. I have only briefly listened to the Prodigy and the Od's, both of which I like very much. The summits, to me, just seemed to provide a larger soundstage (both higher and deeper). The summits are also much better on the WAF than the Prod's or the Od's. Now - if I owned the Prod's would I trade them in for the Summits - yes if space and appearance were an issue. Probably not otherwise. Since I don't own any other ML's, I've ordered a pair of the summits and will run them with a Blue Circle 206 and tube preamp.
Jmpwme - Congratulations! I hope you won't have to wait too long. When did they say you'll get your Summits?

Thanks Jmpwme. Yes, please talk to the fine folks at Martin-Logan and arrange to have a pair of Summits sent over...

(Don't we wish it were that easy!) Seriously though, I have to commend M.L. for their continuing efforts in refining and perfecting their designs. In the past, each time a new model came out, I was always a bit skeptical as to whether they would be an improvement over previous models, but that skepticism was always laid to rest when the new models graced my system.

I have no doubt that the Summits will be a marked improvement over the Prodigy's and other previous models, and will probably "raise the bar", so to speak, for other loudspeakers in this price category.

I for one welcome the slightly smaller footprint and overall size of the Summits as I found the Prodigy's and Odyessy's a bit on the "chunky" side of things.
I too have owned Sequel II's for 10 years and a pair of Prodigy's for three years. I love these speakers. I parted with my set a year or so ago and with a new home under construction am thinking about ML again. I too am interested in the differance between the Prodigy speakers and the Summit. I hope this thread continues.
What about the reduced size of the panels. In the past the size of the electrostaic panels played a large roll in performance. Any comments?