Anybody heard clayton s40?

Thinking of purchasing this amp to drive 91db speakers but still want to rock and roll.Is it up to the task?Price is $1300.
Check out soundstabe review.
The 40W is an understatement. I used the 100W M100 to drive 81dB speaker to better effect than 200W ML 23.5.
Superb little amp. Compare with Aleph 5 - the Clayton is more powerful and more neutral, the Aleph sweeter. You will hear more variation from one recording to the next, and better bass control, with the Clayton. I used to own Quad 63's and had a highly recommmended CJ tube amp driving them, with the S-40 driving my Gradient subs. One day for some crazy reason I tried the Clayton on the Quads. Wow! Sold my CJ. The Clayton is that good. The only reason you see used Claytons at $1300 is that the brand isn't well known. They are a steal at that price.