Anybody Heard Belles350a replacing a rogue 88

Looking to go back to ss because I replaced a ML331 with the 88 & my reason for this is the 331 was dark in the upper end. But I miss the sheer power & those blacks of the 331. Belles 350a looks good & the odyssey looks good to. Any thoughts would be appreciated.The system: Naim 3.5. clearaudio champion level 2. benz glider. quicksilver phonostage. ARC LS25Mrk2. Cellestion A3. Wire is wastach cable works.
i have a 350a and it is an amazing amp---i have great difficulty imagining anything that can better it significantly in any area, and its $3500 retail,easily beating those 2x the money.

i haven't heard the rogue 88.
I was all excited about the 350A after reading a rave review about it, but when it arrived at home I was very very disappointed. Darkest piece that I've ever heard. Might work better with all silver cabling (including silver AC cord - which is the way I believe it was reviewed) but with my rig it was lame in every way & I sent it back. The piece did have some low hours on it initially but certainly had enough time to be broken in. Apparently it was a synergy issue because many other products have succesfully "plugged right in" to my rig. And others such as Rhyno can't compliment the 350A enough so go figure? A modded 150A didn't work well for me either, but from the reviews I could still be tempted to try one if I hadn't already.
Sorry I can't compare it to the Rogue though...
I cannot compare to the Rogue because I haven't really heard it. I can tell you, though, that my experience with the 350A has been quite different from Bob's. I use it with my beloved Mezzo Utopias and I chose it in part because, in my system, it is anything but dark. I find it a little cool and analytical; exactly the sound I am seeking in my music system.

That being said, I don't discount a word of what Bob wrote. Components interact in odd ways for complex reasons that we don't even begin to understand. For that reason, I am always dubious when some enthusiast says, "You MUST get the Ear-O-Phonic 2000, it blows EVERYTHING else away." Well, maybe it that room...with that equipment...for that listener.

Listen a lot. Buy what sounds good to you.


what's your system look like? maybe it wasn't broken in (i.e. needs @ 200hrs in my experience). my system: pioneer pd-65 transport>belcanto1.1 dac> joule electra la-100mk2 pre> belles 350a> merlin vsm-m.

there's a shade of darkness in my overall presentation--but that's the joule's fault, not the belles.

i have great difficulty defining its character, as with the merlins. i would not agree w/ will re: cool and analytical at all...if anything, i'd say organic, spacious, in total control, and fast/clean. love it love it love it.

--which i guess proves will's point. listen for yourself.

feel free to search for extended comments i made on the unit on audioasylum general forum, search for belles 350a.

I have had both of the Belles amps. The small one was lacking in bass weight and the 350 only lasted for two months. It had no sparkle or as another user said, it was dark sounding. I would recommend the McCormack DNA 125 or the 225 much better sound and less money
I also had a 350aBelles amp and it experienced a mechanical hum from the power supply. I sent it back and was told there was nothing wrong, received it back and it humed again. I never had a problem with other amps so I figured it was a design issue.
This time I asked for my money back and decided to get the McCormack.
I agree with Lngbruno reagrding the problem with Belles amps being a design issue. Belles is a one man show and he does it part time.