Anybody heard anything new about Qsonix

Anybody heard anything new about Qsonix closed down?
Rock-o-la the juke box company still uses the Qsonix GUI so try them.If not clone your drive asap and backup files.105 owners need to clone their drives asap as they use IDE HDD's and they are very hard to get.Hope this is some help Rock o la contact details

I have a Rock Ola witht he Qusonix system, is this now a big paperweight. Have talked to tech support ( I use that term mildly), and they said it would HOPEFULLY be up May 1, 2018.

Anyone heard anything differert, or is this a dead end?  I think their NEW Jukes are totally different hardware wise, (improved), so would make sense they are not going to support the old Qusonix, but still, is a shame if they don't. Not a way to win friends, and influence customers.
I spoke with Rock Ola today and they have established a relationship with a new music content provider. From now on, in order to download music cover art, song titles, etc., your current Qsonix hard drive must be sent to Rock Ola and updated with new software which will then enable you to go online and link up with the new content provider. 

Not sure I want to risk loss of content or worse with current hard drive. 
Any idea the make, model and availability of current hard drive?
I would like to purchase a few spares.
Thank you for the information, been waiting and calling for months about this issue.
My drive is a WD 1600JB. Finding this exact drive may be a challenge, since it was made in 2007. Maybe call Rockola again, and see what current model they recommend. Will call today and get return info. Thanks again for the update.
Johnra, any further info on the Qsonix?