Anybody hear the Von Schweikert VR-4jr at CES?

I've been hearing some great things about this new mini VR-4. Has anybody here had a chance to hear it yet?

They are very impressive. The sound is full and robust without loosing details and tranparency. There's plenty of solid bass still although they don't go down as low as the VR-4. I think VSA is offering a 90-day return policy in order to promote them.
I wasn't there and haven't heard them, but I spoke with a 'Goner yesterday who was and did, and he picked them as his fave find of the show...
Well I just ordered a pair! Won't actually have them in my possesion until Feb. 15th.
Nothing ventured... nothing gained...
someone once said.

any amp and preamp suggestions?
Those amp and preamp suggestions should be kept under $4k total, please.
And thanks for the replies so far.
Sorry me again. I came up with a suggestion, for myself.
The Spectron Musician IIId. This is suppose to be an integrated amp with built in DACs.
Interesting, no?
I have a pair on order as well & heard they pushed the date back, mid-march for delivery? I hope not, I can't wait to hear them.
Those speakers are the ones I remember most from my CES excursion. Very dynamic and natural speakers. If I ever move out of my AP Libras, I may go with these...
I think I am going to try a digital amp with mine. Bel Canto, PS Audio or Spectron. I listened to mine "briefly" the other night & oh boy did they sound good. I won't have a chance to hear them again until Thursday.
I understand the first production run ships late February; the second run end of March to early April; one hundred units per run. I'm in on the second run so only eight more weeks to go!
Just to add my experience with the VR4jrs. I've had a pair since June and believe that they have stopped my upgrade fever for speakers. Period! Forever. They are warm without being colored, dynamic, detailed, sweet, intimate, punchy and extremely involving. Listening to them is absolutely captivating and they just get better and better. When shopping, I compared them to Vienna Acoustics Strauss, Sonus FAber Cremona and JMLab 926s and 936s and in my and my wife's minds there was simply no contest the VR4Jrs were quatatively better in all respects. Most specifically, they sounded like music.
But be warned. They do need 40-50 lbs of lead shot in the base module and use of the provided spikes to really sing. And, as importantly, they need AT LEAST 400 hours on them before they reach their peak. I've seen several VR4jrs listed on A/Gon and have to believe they were not given sufficient time to break in. I honestly can't imagine giving these up once you've listened to a well burnt-in pair.
I've noticed quite a few more JR's for sale here than one would expect - with "only 3 months old", "barely broken in", "was part of 2nd system", "needed a different wood color" etc., etc. which makes me wonder?

Anybody who sold theirs care to speak up as to why they really took a $1000 hit after 3 or 4 months?
Personally, I think the VSA VR4-Jr has an overly pronounced bass that is unnatural and out of balance with the rest of the speaker's frequency response.
I've been using VR-4JR, LCR-15 and TS-150 for the last 2 months. These speakers sound wonderful.

They don’t have overly pronounced bass or sound out of balance. If they sound out balance, then I would focus on the room acoustics interaction or hide the flaws of inferior electronics. These speakers sounded great with McIntosh, Rouge, EAD and Cary gear and obviously my own.

These speakers require 50lb of lead, spikes, bi-wiring and 300-400 of break-in time.

In the near future, I want to update my electronics, but for the first time I feel satisfied with my speakers and no longer wander if the grass is greener on the other side.
I did hear them at CES. OPinions in the lunch area, where this was a topic of discussion at times, were mixed. However, I am on the positive side and felt that these sounded impressive overall for the pricepoint.

Winners for me included, Gallo Reference 3, Green Mountain Callisto,and Silverline Sonata 3.