Anybody hear the Sonus Faber Venere?

I am surprised to find no mention of the new SF line up here on the 'Gon. Has anybody heard any of these speakers first hand? They are beautiful and nicely priced.
There was a similar thread recently.Search Sonus Faber & it should come up.
Yes, though not a lot of critical listening. Initial reaction was the sound was very consistent with the SF sound of today which maintains both a focus on delivering beautiful midrange while also delivering a slightly drier and more linear sound than in days gone by. It also seems capable of greater power/volume with the right amplification (not necessarily deeper bass) than i believe much older models of SF were. Overall, very impressive. Just my 2 cents.
I just bought a pair of 2.5's in gloss black.
They have maybe 7 hours on them.
Currently breaking them in...
Congrats on your new speakers! Please report back when they are broken in and you've gotten cozy with them. What other speakers have you had? I'm curious how they compare to others, especially more expensive SF models like Cremona M.
I have returned them. They were not a good fit for me. I listened extensively to both the 4 and 8 ohm taps on my ARC Ref 110 and neither seemed to be a great fit. The 6 ohm impedance and 3.1 minimum impedance are not really tube amp friendly. Sound was too boomy overall and bass was fairly "one note" in my room. Bueautiful speaker, but not a good match for me.