Anybody hear the new PS Audio Phono Box??????

I have been wondering which phono sections to buy.Would love a $4k budget for one of the EAR's (SS or tubed) or the Aethetix Rhea but I have to cut it at $1250 or so.I have thought about old Krell KPA since it has two inputs and allows for adjustment of either with cap,load etc.The EAR 834 for $800 or so used allows for button to go for MM or MC and if you want a volume contol.
But now I see the PS Audio.Has mono or stereo switch,phase control which mean I don't have to find a pre that has it and since it has a volume control I can both of these features and not even need to use a pre.It has two inputs which both have basic loading adjustments which if I had my druthers would be only one intput since I am going to swap arm wands and the two input set up is better for a two arm table.But I can live with this since I'll just use second RCA and when I want to switch go from one RCA set to another at the block where cables hook up table.So with EAR I have single switch and tubes (nice) but the PS looks like a winner with the mono and phase switch.Other cheap date is new Jolida $450 which has one set of inputs but supposedly has DIPS outside the box in back but I don't think this is as flexible as the Krell,EAR or PS Audio.At $1K I think the PS which claims a very close RIAA tolerance and technology in circut design shared with there amps this could be the winner.Just wondering if anybody has heard and can comment on it's sound or felxiblity especially comapred with the mdels I have mentioned.
Try the Decware ZP phono stage. It comes in various models and is in your price range. Tubes, load adjustment, MM or MC switch. The one I tried did not have a phase switch, but Steve Decker builds these to order so it's possible he could add one. He is a great guy to work with too. Also a 30 day trial period is offered so you can try it out with low risk.
I have the ps audio and the ear 834. The ps audio has only one input not two. The ps is not as soft as the 834, it has a bit more edge to it. It does sound more dynamic and faster, perhaps because it is solid state. I have the 834 for sale but if it does not sell I am going to return the ps unit. They are that close sounding to me.