Anybody hear the new DCS P8i?

I have heard some very good things about this new one box DCS CD player. I have not had a chance to listen to it yet,
but would be very interested to hear froms those who have.
Especialy the DCS, Remiyo and EMM labs owners...
Not worth it...sorry. I would rather own almost anything but that player. For $14K, it oughta be killer.

I heard the dCS P8i driving a Halcro preamp and amp
powering Wilson X-2 Alexandrias courtesy of Music Lovers
in Berkeley - and it was VERY NICE!!

On that system, it sounded very much like the dCS 3-stack

Dr. Gregory Greenman
I've had the EMM DCC2 with CDSD, the DCS8i and Reimyo here recently. The DCS is state of the art or near state of the art digital in the areas of image density, dynamics and a solid powerful bass where it rivals and emulates very very good analog. The EMM does harmonics, details and transparency like no other player I've heard on the planet, and I've heard most. I ended up selecting the EMM because of the above and in direct comparison with the DCS due to its much richer harmonic content. Pretty tough to beat the EMM - believe me, I've tried.
I'm biased, because I purchased the P8i. I spent several months auditioning players in my home, and I found that the P8i was hands-down the best performing player I tried in my system. I did not have the chance to audition the EMM gear, but I did try many players ranging in price from $3000 to $14000. It would have been nice to audition the new Audio Aero Prestige, but my mind was made up after I heard the P8i and I did not want to wait any longer. I paid more than I had planned or expected, but I have not had any regrets. I hope you get a chance to hear the P8i yourself, because I think you might be impressed. Have fun.