Anybody hear of Jack Johnson?

I bought this cd and really like it. Real upbeat, toe tappin music. Anybody else familiar with him. Song #6 is a good system demo tune.
It is a very good cd. I enjoy his music. I was just less than thrilled with the recording quality of this cd.

Yeah, Jack Johnson is very popular with the college crowds. A friend of mine just recently saw him at UCSB. If you like this type of music, listen to John Mayer, similar stuff but better, at least in my opinion!
Sorry, I will take your word that this is good stuff, but whenever I hear the name Jack Johnson I am always reminded of the Jaime Brockett and his "Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic" and the bloke who boarded with four hundred n' ninety-seven n' a half feet o' rope, after they wouldn't allow the boxer Jack Johnson to baord becasue "this ship don't haul no coal".

My favorite passage in the classic: "He walked around the wheelhouse once....... He walked around the wheelhouse twice....... On the third time around the wheelhouse....... The First Mate he looked on over at the Captain n'....... N' he say....... You wanna 'nother toke, Captain?...... N' the Captain, he say....... RIGHT!!!!!!!!"
4yanx- I thought of that immediately as well. Prety funny, but I thing you had to "be there" to really appreciate it.
Jack Johnson the boxer (from the Jaime Brockett song) was the first black heavyweight champion of the world. He defeated Jim Jeffries, the white champion of the time, in Vegas in 1910. Race riots ensued.
He's not exactly an *unknown*, think he was even nominated for the Grammies or somesuch and our local AC stations are playing divots in "Bubbletoes" (and, before that, some other JJ song). He's a retooled musician--formerly, I gather from the media, a pro surfer from Hawaii and in later life, a surf filmaker or videographer or something. If you like him, try some of Ben Harper's stuff--The Will To Live or Fight for your Mind.
I agree with Severum. The music is great, but the recording is really bad. It makes my otherwise good system sound like a boom box. I usually stuff somthing in the speaker ports when I play it. :)

Edesilva is right. Some of Ben Harper's music is quality stuff. Not for everyone, but I really enjoy his music.

Just bought Jack's CD. Here is another case of mp3s causing me to buy a cd...

Great CD, and very well recorded. I'd use it as a reference CD anyday.
His new CD comes out May 6th.
I've found some of his new stuff on the net and it is as good as his first cd. He's got real style.
Acctualy the two fighters squared off on July 4 in Reno,(not Vegas) Nevada, and Johnson won the fight by knocking out Jeffries in the 15th round.

In 1910 former champion Jim Jeffries, convinced by fans who wanted a white champion, came out of retirement to fight Johnson. Jeffries was billed as “The Great White Hope.”
If this CD sounds bad on your system, there's something wrong with your system. This CD has fantastic in-the-room realism and transparency. Listen to the cymbal crashes & decays, very clean & dynamic.
Hmm. Must be something wrong with my $7k Naim-Shahinian system then, because as much as I like the music on this disc (which is a lot), the sound quality is mediocre.

Man I really love it when a sophomore effort turns out this way! For those of you who like Jack, make sure to get this one as soon as you can. This record is excellent.

Dammit I am really put off. I went to best Buy last night just to get this cd and they didn't have it. They had 10000 copies of Brushfire Fairey Tales; I hate living in the ass end of the universe. Now I have to buy it online and wait for it to get here:(

Glad to hear it's worth waiting for though. And to keep my trip from being completely in vain, I bought Floyd's DSOTM hybrid disc. Now I just need a SACD player;)
Hey, I just heard the cut "On and On" on my local FM station KFOG. They have a nightly play of a "new" song they call the "Buzz Cut", meaning what all the buzz is about. Very Tasty, indeed.
Just bought his new release at best buy for $9. I really like it. Good mellow music. Sound is excellent.
Love this guy's music. I can't find a bad song on either of his 2 recordings. I can listen to these over and over again without getting sick of them. To the issues of good/bad recording, I find that some aspects are very good and some are not so good. I second the thoughts on the amazing cymbol crashes and add to that some of the snare and rim taps have a nice touch of echo and spatial resolution. Guitars are recorded very well and the bass notes are deep and tight. The main complaint I have is that vocals are little too forward. I have been tuning my rig to the new CD with different tweaks and cable swapping, but it still sounds as if the mic has too much gain and/or he is swallowing it while he sings and there is still a bit of exaggeration on sibiliants that I do not get on any other CD's.
He has 2 film sound tracks. One is the Summer Sessions. The other is Thicker than Water. Both have nice variety and are well recorded.
His domestic vinyl souns good, too. Brushfire Fairytales is a bargain for around $11! Keeps you warm in the winter!