Anybody have this problem with a CAL CL-10?

My CL-10 will play for about 5 minutes and then the sound starts to break up (it sounds like disc mistracking, but it isn't) and then fades to silence, disc still spinning. Turn it off for a minnute or so, and it will work for a few minutes more and then fail. Anybody have a similar problem? Is it costly to fix? Are they still fixing these things?
I had the same problem with mine...called Cal and they authorized return and fixed a problem known to them and they are still fixing them.
In an amp I would say its a capacitor not holding charge. I called the new company and they will repair, though the quote on my Tercet III was 150 dollars, and if I am not mistaken they said that is the minumum charge. I'm still wrestling with it in my case. I know a Cal 10 is worth considerably more than my Tercet so I think it would be worth the phone call and the repair. You never know till you ask.
Good luck in any case.
I have not had that problem, however, the tray sometimes refuses to open when the button is pushed and this seems to occur at the same time the display starts to act up. Specifically, the disc and track numbers become unreadable because all the other number segments start to darken. (All the numbers look like "88"s if you follow me). Has anyone experienced this?
For the last few months, I have had a problem with the display lighting being intermittent. I am told it has a separate power supply which may be acting up. However, just yesterday, the sound cut out for a while, and then just as suddenly, came back on about 20 minutes later (I was busy cooking and couldn't get to it right away). Something weird definately going on. Any thoughts?