Anybody have their original Stealth Cryoed?

I have the original Audio Magic Stealth. Love it. Now they have the Cryoed version. $100 for the upgrade. Anyone? Difference worth the $100? Also, different thread really, but what's the deal with "Cryoed?" Thanks in advance. warren
Cryo is cool!
Warrenh, you want some info about cryo and what it does? Check out
From my experience and what I can gather from others it should be a worth while upgarde providing that they burn it in prior to sending it back to you or you have a way to burn it in yourself like a cable cooker. I understand that the Audiodharma can be used for just such a pourpose. I am going to be experimenting with one of these this weekend for the first time on some cryo treated outlets.
The burn in is the big deal. My Audio Magic Stealth required some very serious burn-in time. We're talking 400 hours minimum. That's with a space heater hooked up to this baby, running 20 hours a day. You need some high current/amperage to break the Stealth in properly. It was definitely worth it. I'm just not sure I want to go through that whole deal again. Audio Magic charges only $100 for the upgrade. Of course, they tell me it offers quite a change, and I believe them, but I would love to hear from someone who actually, hands on, had it done. I'll check out that website you posted. Thanks again, warren
Warrenh, cryo seems to take even longer to burn in!
That's just great. If you don't detect a sigh of annoyance, trust me, it's there. Audio Magic should give a $100 rebate to pay for the electricity I'll have to use. I'm not hard pressed to do this. I'm really quite happy, now, with my system, so I might, and that's a big might, be able to shelve the idea for a while. Thanks for the scoop.
Warrenh, try to locate someone who is willing to hook the unit up to an Audiodharma cable cooker for you. This should ease your pain. If you want more info about the Audiodharma cable cooker go to

I will be experimenting with one myself for the first time this weekend. I can tell you that my first experience with cryo treating something in the power chain has been very positive so far!
Yes, yes, and yes. I "retrofitted" my Stealth and mini-digital Stealth by double-cryogenically treating them (at Cryogenics International). Huge performance jump, and most highly recommended.

As far as using the Cable Cooker (which I manufacture), conditioning the Stealth for at least 4 days, preferably 5 days (followed by a little bit of system time) does "the trick", and avoids the 30-40 day break-in hell.
Thanks Alan, I may have some more questions for you. I think that you must be the Alan my Agon buddy Lak has refered to.Glad to see your post, as I think it is just what Warrenh was looking for.

I have been beating my head against the wall in a couple of threads the last few days. One is where all the naysayers crawl out of their creepy hiding places under bridges or dank holes in the ground and claim that burn in of cables is a notion for the stupid and the insecure. The other has been trying to convince people that cryo'd outlets are the best damn thing since sliced bread. Why do I try anymore?
Alan, I am encouraged by your post as I, too, was contemplating having my Stealth cryoed to go along with the cryoed outlets I have acquired through the good graces of Albert Porter. Is there any advantage to having the Stealth cryoed from one place (like sending it back to Stealth) or another "cyroing" source?