Anybody have info on Gryphon integrated's

I have dynaudio 1.3se's and wonder if the 2100, or 2200, would be a good match for them , or have enough current for them.Don't have a dealer in my area, and heard it ranks up there with the Rowland, and Levinson. Thanks.
Good match,yes.Enough current?Hard to tell,depends on your room,desired volume and kind of music you listen.2200 should be sufficient for most application unless the room is really large.Gryphon is not up there with Levinson,it is much better.But Rowland Concentra II is worth very serious considerations.
check out Positive Feedback on line where they have a report
on the Callista.
Here is a link to a review of it:

Comments such as Inna, I must just laugh.

One of the reviewers in the link above uses the original Concentra as his reference, so it should be a good read for you in lieu of your comparison request.

His words, "How does it perform compared to my Concentra? It was very difficult to choose. They are both at the very top levels in their field, both truly class acts."

All those you mention are excellent performers.