Anybody have help me with wall MOUNTED speakers?

As opposed to inwall speakers.Looking for a high quality narrow speaker to mount on the wall.Looking for truly high fidelty with the inherent limtations that mounting would cause.In wall speakers have inherent limtations and not many of them sound very good.Looking to speand some ching here (without getting crazy).Layout of low cieling lkarge rectangular room.Dining area toe side and seating on the other.But entier of these is a dedivated listeing area.Want to mount speakers on wall between windows where maybe 6-8" in width exists.Speakers will be on long wal pointing out to porch area.Bass can be augmented wuth a Sub.Was thinking the Infiniti MTS tower colums (for which you can order mmounting brackets)well these would be nice but Ithink a bit out of line $$$ wise at what $5K.Also they are a bit thick.What caught my eye was the new Maggie HT speakers which are designed,again,to be mounted on the wall.How Magneplanar whose designs always needed "room to breathe" ax chieves thing is an intruiging).So can anybody think of an alternative?????Maybe even in wall (which esthetically/looks wise would be best).I remember years ago while driving a Cab in Boston a guy handed me his card and said he repreted a company whose product was a full range electrostatic driver that was mounted in the wall and wasa few inches wide.And given it's "statics" nature did not have mnany of the sonic drawbacks inherent in not having a box to have it's substantial impact on the final product.So if you follow this and the maggies are a starting point can anybody think of any other products with simmilar size,cost and performance?
I've recently requested Audes dealership in Houston for their loudspeaker line. Having watched the evolution of this company thru the spectacular product demonstrations at the last couple of CES's, Audes represent great products at tremendous value. These on-wall's are quite attractive and should be very appealing for those interested in both terrific sound quality and room aesthetics.

Gallo speakers might be suitable
Yeah, Gallo Dues with their sub are a very easy-on-the-eyes, zero floorspace solution. Sound is excellent and the whole thing can be had in good shape for a grand or so used.
Yes the Gallos sound nice(almost like NHT superzero's sonically, but a tick less treble extension). However, sounds like this gentleman is considering more upscale and refind speakers overall. If I were you, I might consider going to audition the Maggies on wall "thingies" I certainly know the Infinity MTS towers will sound nice for you, but pricy indeed (but worth the money I think). Also, the Thiel Powerpoints are excellent onwalls sonically. And they have a sealed box inwall version(at least much better than other inwalls by far)
Also, what kind of music are you most after?
Anyway, my best suggestion would be to avoid the whole "inwall" thing, and get over to the CES show in January! Then, you can audition more of what you're possibly looking for, and make a better chioce. Is this workable? Also, you get to go to Vegas for the trip...not too shabby.
Good luck
Appreciate the responses.Gallo's?I have a pair of the original Nucleus Ref's but can't say i was impressed with the $800 "Compare-it-to-Bose" jobs they put out.So not sure if the Dues will cut it but I will check 'em out.Forever just to let you know it's a mix of what I lisen to so I think you might be right.I worked in a shop for 5 years and was always pissed when my boss went to CES and I had t helpkeep things rolling so maybe I will call travel agent!!!
Regards and thanks