Anybody have experience with Vinyl Me Pllease or is that on the for pay forum?

I’ll share mine.

I joined when I got the notice. The titles looked interesting and the claims were enticing. It’s been six months and I’ve just been charged for the next three. As I said the titles are interesting and the records contain some very good music in general. I’ve found that the "exclusive" pressings can be hit or miss. My experience has been that the commercially available, and sometimes less expensive on other sites, are good pressings.
The "exclusive" pressings tend to have off center labels, noisy vinyl on some tracks and very sharp and rough edges. You get a little book sometimes that comes in the sleeve instead of a full sized, pretty printed insert. You also get a cocktail recipe, I don’t drink so I throw that away.
The "exclusives", which are usually out-of-print re-pressings on colored vinyl are short, usually just barely longer than an EP. They’re easier to master because the grooves don’t take up the whole record.
Over all my experience is neutral. Finding the diamond in the coal pile is difficult. Of the records I’ve purchased or received as part of my membership, I re-listen to a precious few and some of those few can be had elsewhere, for less money. When you order it may be more than a month before the records show up. They had not shipped my November selection, I ordered a couple from the web site and have yet to receive them, maybe they will come with my December selection.

I’m on the fence about continuing with it. I’ve got two months to decide. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

Sounds like you have more negative input on this than positive, so think that you should be able to make a decision easily on whether or not you want to continue the service.
i share your exact sentiments.. i passed
I just looked at the website. Gave me a CRC flashback.


Other than pure convenience, looks like your getting CD's pressed on a record. Maybe LESS than that?

By your account, it doesn't appear to be worthwhile.

If I wanted to overpay someone to curate my library for me sounds great ;-)
Why not just read & stream to discover new artists/albums and then buy the ones that likely to be better sounding pressings? If you've got time to read this forum, chances are that you are reading about new music regularly. 
Borrowing CDs from public libraries, apps from sunradio, kutx,wxpn, kcrw(all commercial free indy/rock/folk/blues radio leaders) are all great paths to musical discovery! Cheers,
You're right. I thought of that after I posted. I wanted to make sure I wasn't just overreacting before I do quit. I felt like giving them a chance so I could have a larger sample size.
That's great advise for someone who has a CD player, not me. I'm 100% vinyl. I get an email each week with links to active conversations. That takes a few minutes to review what's said, but I don't have time peruse all of the music posts, that's why I was looking for another way to find new music.
Based on the other responses, my concerns are real.

Have you tried Reverb LP?
Better late than never.

Reverb LP is like any other used record store online. There are dozens. You can find them on Discogs, Allmusic and Ebay.

I’ve since quit using it. They didn’t bother to send me my January selection. I bitched and got a refund, but they would have kept my money and never said anything.

DO NOT USE Vinyl Me Please

I was an early VMP joiner. The reason was to discover things I wouldn't think to look at and I wanted to find new music. I did get a few really cool titles but what I want is so specific....

I cancelled but never had any issue. They have grown a lot since I was a member.