Anybody have experience with Totem “The One” and ParadigmSignature S2v2?

So, I have a predicament….I now live in Brazil and I have a pair of Totems laying around in storage over there but no amp. I’m back in the US for a few days and have a pair of Paradigm S2 speakers here.
Today I bought a Martin Logan Unison but after buying I realized it will not work with the Totems, apparently I need to move up to the Forte if I want to do that. So, now I have the decision of buying an amp or bringing the Paradigms on the plane with me.

Its been over a decade since I’ve listened to either speaker - how would you rate the Paradigms compared to the Totems? These will be used in a room approx 12x12. What would you do in this situation?


Congrats on pulling the trigger on the unison. I thought you had the mcintosh amps? If not call martin logan and see how you can exchange the unison for the Forte.
Have Martin Logan ship the forte to Brazil if you need to bring the Paradigms. I don’t know which speaker you would prefer.

Yes, Kota, those Mack’s have to be refurbished and I’m still not 100% on them yet as down the road it will be very difficult to get them worked on in Brazil. That Unison was so cheap ($199), so a friend might be getting a gift if I sprung for the Forte, plus, this is all spontaneous purchasing for me - it’s not like I had my mind set on anything seriously. 
mic I go the amp route (here we go again down that rabbit hole, hehe) can you recommend something nice that won’t break the bank?

Hey Kota, will that Forte run those Totems and a 12” sub? It’s also very cheap and if you Recomended it I’ll pull the trigger on that and my sister gets a little gift with the Unison. If a nice but cheapish amp would make much of a difference I could be tempted.



Yes, that forte will run the totems and the sub and when the ARC calibrates it then you are going to amazed how well the sub blends with the speakers. You can also use the RCA inputs to connect a CD player or a turntable to that amp. You know when the forte and unison are on the same network you can stream audio to both of them? The system is designed for that. You might want to keep both but you will love the amp. I have the same amp too, only the Paradigm version.

That’s great news Kota, looking forward to getting home now and giving this a whirl. Those Totems and that Velodyne sub have been sitting doing nothing, so now I have an excuse to dig them out.


Thank you