Anybody have experience with MBL stuff...?

I'm trying to decide between selling off my AA DDS Pro transport and Musical Fidelity A3.24, and replacing the setup with a single box MBL CDP-2... or keeping the transport/DAC combo and throwing a P-Tech P-1A into the mix...

If anyone has experience with either MBL digital front-end products or experience putting a P-1A into their system I'd love to hear what you thought about them...

I've had both players; the MF A3.2 CD player for a couple of months and finally sold it, and have now been using the MBL CDP2 for more than a year and prefer the CDP2.

I compared both in my home environment and at the dealers and to my ears the A3.2 CD seem to have a smoothing effect in the treble range and the bass seem to lack some impact. The MBL certainly had more detail and had comparitively a fuller base than the MF player. The MBL does not boast upsamplng/oversampling but just gets the basics right IMO.
dear naschbac,

cdp-2 is discontinued. its replaced by a top loader 1 box player (i think 1531). never heard the other 2 players, but cdp-2 sounds good and beats another high priced well reviewed player i had in terms of imaging, tonality, detail, except for the bass.

i like its cd text function too.

but the cdp-2 pales in comparison to the mbl transport and da combo and the last i had it, cdp-2 have some inherent problems that i dont know whether mbl have solved.