Anybody have both Herbie's Cone/Spike Pucks and isoacoustics gaia's

My Spatial Audio X5's sit on pieces of granite which sit on top of carpeting with a concrete floor under all of it. Am very happy with the performance I'm getting now but was thinking of getting some isoacoustic gaia's for my speakers because of all the positive feedback. Never heard of Herbie's audio products before I started in on my research of isoacoustics. I'm wondering if there spike pucks do the same thing as the gaia's do? There pricing is attractive. So I was hoping to hear from someone who may have had both and could give me there feedback.

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I have the same thing: concrete floors -> carpet ->granite slab ->speakers.
Had Herbies footers for many many years. But the Gaias play on a different level - at least in my system. In my case they sightened the bass, improved the "naturalness" to the sound and made the sound stage wider. But also remember that there are others on this forum for whom the Gaias did not work per their expectation.
I love Herbies products and use them under my preamp, cd player and power conditioner. Also have Herbie's tube dampers.