Anybody have both Herbie's Cone/Spike Pucks and isoacoustics gaia's

My Spatial Audio X5's sit on pieces of granite which sit on top of carpeting with a concrete floor under all of it. Am very happy with the performance I'm getting now but was thinking of getting some isoacoustic gaia's for my speakers because of all the positive feedback. Never heard of Herbie's audio products before I started in on my research of isoacoustics. I'm wondering if there spike pucks do the same thing as the gaia's do? There pricing is attractive. So I was hoping to hear from someone who may have had both and could give me there feedback.

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@nyaudio98 ,
Gee, thanks for posting.
If you can't answer a question without snarkiness, perhaps you should keep it to yourself. There many posters who don't have the knowledge that members, such as yourself, have.
Using granite underneath speakers is promoted by Richard Vandersteen.
If you can put spikes under the granite, so that it connects with the concrete floor, I think you would be in the pink.
Isoacoustics and Herbie's are good products, but I think your money is better spent on other products. Especially as you have a pretty good solution already.
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I own Townshend products, too.
I would have mentioned it, but they are considerably more expensive than Herbies and Isoacoustics, so I didn't think they would be something the OP would consider as the two aforementioned companies are geared for budget minded consumers.
That being said, I think Townshend products are not only very well made, but do a great job of isolating equipment from external vibration.
I put a platform under my preamp, and immediately noticed a marked difference in sound quality- much clearer/more detail.
I got mine from a dealer on Ebay. He had great prices and shipped fast.
PM me if you are interested in learning more.
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Thanks, that was the seller I bought my stuff from, too.

@OP, I would check out the Townshend website to see all their products, then contact Select Hifi.
I am using some platforms that I bought for my speakers, but the outrigger feet made them unusable (space consideration). John said I could use them under my preamp.
I did, and was pleasantly surprised by the improvement in sound quality.
You just have to make sure to buy the proper model, as they are based upon the weight of the equipment.
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Thanks for posting that.
I hate being the heavy, but do so only when I think a poster will be put off or reluctant to post if they feel they're question isn't 'valid enough'.
I think we are all here to help others and have fun sharing our audio experiences.